Why The Coolers With Wheels Are Important? How To Set Up A Cooler With Wheels?

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Outings are surely fun. But all your good mood can be ruined by a warm beverage can on the picnic. Then what can be the best way to keep the drinks and the foods cool when you are planning an outdoor event. Well, the answer is obviously a cooler. And a cooler with wheels makes it more portable.

Coolers with wheels are meant to keep the food and the drinks cool on an outdoor trip. These are the best thing to take alone when you are going for an outdoor picnic or party.

Let’s see why the coolers with wheels are important for an outing. Here you will even find a detail process on how to set up a cooler with wheels.

Why the coolers with wheels are important?

1. Keep foods cool:

Nothing can be the best cause for ruining the outdoor party than the warm foods and warm drinks. And there isn’t any better way than a cooler with the wheel to keep your drinks and food cool even when the outside is shiny.

2. Easy to carry:

Coolers with wheels are easier to carry than the coolers which don’t have the wheel. The wheel is strong enough to get you through any route.

3. Telescoping handle:

You can control the cooler from any height without bending or hunching with the help of the telescoping handle. This handle is perfect for anyone of any height. You don’t have to strain your hands anymore by carrying the cooler with hands.

4. Side handles:

These coolers also have side handles. Some side handles are molded for a comfortable grip. Side handles are necessary when you are trying to lift your cooler. You can also use these handles to carry the cooler when your telescoping handle isn’t working by any chance.

5. Huge capacity:

Capacity is another important factor when it comes to coolers. But don’t worry since the color with wheels is generally have a larger capacity. So you can throw a big outdoor party and load all the drinks without facing any housing problem.

6. Have a lid:

These coolers also come with lids. Lids are extremely helpful and effective for keeping the foods and drinks cooler for a longer period of time. Besides lids will also keep the foods out of dust while you are enjoying your outing.

7. Proper insulation:

These coolers are properly insulated for the outside service. So you can keep the drinks cool without worrying about the outside temperature for long.

8. Durability:

Durability is must when you are thinking about buying a cooler. Coolers with wheels are much stronger than the normal cooler and the build martial is chosen in a way that it can tolerate rough handling while you are using it outside.

9. Cost efficient:

These coolers are also cost efficient comparing the great service they provide.

10. Drain:

These coolers have a leak-resistant drain to help you drain the cooler without slanting it. This also makes it easier to clean afterward.

11. Various sizes:

Another great thing about these portable coolers is he comes in all different size and design. No matter what your preference is, you will always find something for yourself.

12. Additional features:

Some models have some additional features such as molded cup holders, in-built bottle opener, pockets, UV blocking technology etc.

How to set up a cooler with wheels?

Setting up your portable cooler is easier than you think. There are just a few steps you need to follow. Such as:

1. Make the ice cube:

The coolant in the portable cooler is the ice. You need to fill the cooler with ice cubes before loading the goodies.

2. Load the goodies:

After you fill the cooler with the ice cube, you can fill it with the foods and drinks you want to carry with you.

3. Close the lid:

Lids are responsible for keeping the temperature locked in for a longer period of time. So make sure you seal your cooler lid properly before taking it outside. Otherwise, the ice will melt and the foods and drinks will get warm before you take a sip.

4. Check the goodies:

You need to load the goodies before loading them. Make sure the drinks are sealed and the foods and pack in airtight boxes. Otherwise, chances are these goodies will spill when you open the cooler and make a huge mess inside the cooler.

Now you are all set to take your cooler out. For additional information, go through the user manual.

Some extra tips to make your cooler even more efficient:

If you are on a budget and decide to go for a low budget cooler, then you can follow some tricks to make your coolers work as an expensive one.

1. Using polar bear tubes:

You can make your own polar bear tubes to increase the cooling effect of your cooler. All you need is a PVC pipe filled with salted water and seal it with cup and cement. This will fridge in lower temperature than ice. Hence keep the goodies cooler than usual.

2. Make an anti-slip bottom:

If your cooler has a tendency to slip while you are driving, just use some anti-skip pad on the bottom and solve the problem in a minute.

3. The alternative of the gaskets:

One roll foam rubber mounting tape can be the great alternative to these expensive gaskets on the lid.

4. Add another layer of insulation:

You can add another layer of insulation by placing a two-sided reflective insulation. This will act as a secondary insulator and reduce the heat loss rate.

Final words:

Coolers are the best way to keep the foods and the beverages cool during the outdoor event. And the cooler comes with wheels are the most portable ones. You can enjoy your summer picnic with your family and with a cold drink in hand.

Follow the setup manual to load the foods properly. Double check the seal and the lid to make sure nothing spills. Some coolers have cup holders and bottles openers in-built. If these models are in your budget then go for them. This way you don’t have to carry separate stuff along the cooler.

Take a good care of your cooler and enjoy chilled foods and drinks even in the summer outing.

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