How To Decorate Picnic Tables For A Wedding? Five Creative Ways To Use Your Picnic Tables

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Picnic tables are the most convenient table if you are arranging an outdoor wedding party. It is inexpensive and also the most portable way to decorate tables for a wedding with unique ways. One can decorate a perfect wedding picnic table in many ways. You can create many beautiful themes on your wedding program easily.

In this write up, we have given some best ideas for decorating picnic tables for a wedding. Here are the five creative ways to use your picnic table for a perfect wedding.

1. Using Garden Wedding Theme

Nowadays people are hosting their wedding in Garden wedding theme. It is attractive and people like it very much. You can host your wedding using Garden theme in this following way-

  • You can decorate your picnic table with a perfect garden wedding theme for any wedding. In this theme, everything is inspired by romantic décor.
  • The garden wedding theme is contrasted with spring. This wedding picnic table setting is filled with all types of romantic opportunities for garden wedding decoration. Adding pastel palettes, fresh floral arrangement, and beautiful greenery creates an attractive look.
  • Decorating dessert table by trimming your cake tiers with fresh floral arrangement can be more charming. You can decorate your picnic table with flora and fauna drawings. It brings a unique touch to a wedding.
  • A garden wedding theme can be more enchanting when it includes twinkling lights and sparkling chandelier. One can also use a centerpiece table with garden roses.

If you are a spring lover or a garden lover you can try the garden wedding theme for arranging your picnic tables for a wedding. It is natural and gorgeous.

2. Using Night Theme

If you want to host your wedding in the evening or at night you can decorate your picnic tables on the day to night theme.

  • The day to night theme is gorgeous for any wedding. For this decoration, you have to give special importance to lighting.
  • You need to use different types of lighting in different places.
  • You can decorate the entrance door beautifully with colorful lighting. The whole place will glow for colorful lighting and this will give a beautiful look.
  • Adding lighting to the table with different types of candles will give a sparkling wedding look.

The night theme is getting popular all over the world. It looks dashing and it is not expensive. So, you can host a wedding using a night theme.

3. Using Autumn wedding Theme

Autumn wedding theme is one of the most popular themes of the wedding.

  • If you are thinking to host your wedding in late summer or autumn you can decorate your picnic tables’ with the autumn wedding theme. This theme can be perfectly matched with nature.
  • You can bring your beautiful autumn nature to the table.You can use different sizes of leaves and flowers to make a perfect autumn look. you can use the white theme all over your places to bring out the best natural look for an autumn wedding.
  • You can use a white tablecloth for picnic tables. This will look very refreshing and give you an awesome autumn look.

To make your wedding look attractive you can try this beautiful autumn wedding theme.

4. Using brown butcher paper

  • You can use brown butcher paper for your picnic tables for a wedding. Brown butcher paper is very beautiful and it is inexpensive.
  • We can easily use it by rolling onto the top of the picnic table. Brown butcher paper looks beautiful in the wooden table.
  • Adding floral arrangement with brown butcher paper it will give a different look.
  • You can also use soft lace in a table setting.

So, using brown butcher paper you can decorate your picnic tables beautifully for any wedding.

5. Romantic Theme

  • If you are a romantic person you can decorate your picnic table with aromantic theme. Everyone loves a romantic theme.
  • You can use white rose with green moss. This will give you a perfect romantic theme.
  • You can use elegant candle holders; this can give you a warm glow.
  • You can also use other white flowers to decorate your table beautifully.
  • If you want some valentine special you can use the red theme. Adding red rose with green moss gives you a Valentine look.


That was the five creative ways to decorate your picnic table for a wedding. You can use your unique idea to decorate your picnic table beautifully for a wedding. Just keep in mind some things to create your perfect picnic table, they are a theme, color and floral arrangement for any wedding. Hope these ideas will help you to create a perfect wedding look.

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