10 Creative Uses Of Solar Lantern: How Solar Lanterns Are Transforming Life?

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Nowadays, creativity in lighting is one of the most important things that can brighten up our home and add a beautiful view. Not only at the home but also you can light up your outdoor with different innovative ways. And solar lantern can definitely help you at this to transform your life into colorful direction.

By using solar light, you can save our precious energy a lot and on the other hand, it can improve the look of your home and garden. At the nighttime, you think of heading into indoor as you want to save the energy and keep the outdoors’s light off. But you need not do it when there is a great solution of using solar lantern!

So I am here sharing with you some creative technique and uses of the solar lantern to light up your home as well as the garden. Stay here and take a look over these amazing ideas.

10 creative uses of solar lantern

Here are the best 10 creative uses of the solar lantern which are easy cheap as well as can improve the decoration.

1. Jack-O-lantern lights:

After seeing this, that may come to your mind that these are for Halloween but it’s actually not. Truly these are so adorable that you want to hand those to a corner of your drawing room or put them in the empty space on your garden.

Take a normal pumpkin and shape then for Halloween. You may have thought of placing candles but will get off eventually. So solar lights are the best solution to use in these pumpkins. Put solar lights into those pumpkins and they will long last.

They will light up your home even though there is no current. Just you need to add some battery operated tealight candles and your work is done.

2. Tree branch solar bulb:

You will not need so many things for making this lantern. Just take some balloons and a few twigs. First, blow up the balloon and then glue the twigs over it so keep a keep they are sitting on the balloon properly. Also be aware that the balloon will not burst. Wait some time, let the glue dry. Then bust the balloon and pull out all the pieces. You will see a globe in front of you. Then pick a solar light for one globe. And then you can keep those for your walkway.

3. Clay pot lighthouse:

From the name of it, you can understand these will be like the mini version of the real lighthouses. You will need some terracotta pots and obviously solar lights. Stack the pots in that way so that they look like a lighthouse. For this, you need to keep the largest one at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Paint them with your favorite color. And the solar light will be on the top. These solar likes are best for the garden; you can take them to the corners.

4. Miniature fairy solar jars:

These are so cute and can enlighten the surrounding even at the outdoors. If you love fairy houses, then you will adore these jars. Fill any jar with little gardening items. Or you can pick any fairy looking little items to fill these jars. Then just add a solar light with glue onto the lid. Hang these jars in the garden or your living room.

5. Fairy lantern:

These fairy lanterns are a great way to bring whimsy into the outdoor. The fairy lanterns can give off light without any need of a battery. Keep them outside so the sun will soak them up and then they will give off wonderful colorful light.

6. Frosted Mason jar:

If you frost them a bit these jars are going to make beautiful lights. You can buy these jar lids which have a solar light installed. You just need to supply a mason jar. You can keep these farmhouse style jars in your walkway.

7. Solar address sign:

An old lantern will help you to make it and some solar lights. How an ordinary number can turn into gorgeous you will see looking at it. You can hang this lantern outside of your main gate and have your house number. Even these look amazing in porch. In the dark people can see the house number or building number through it. Definitely, these are going to bring the good look of your house.

8. Gorgeous chandelier light:

The chandeliers lights are beautiful to look at as well as these add some decorating part of your outdoor even in the indoor. For outdoor decoration these are the best with solar lights. You are really going to love it if you see these hanging with wonderful light color. Any old chandelier that you don’t use now or you can even buy old chandeliers in the store and again use it with a cheap cost. Replace the bulb with solar light and have a solution of perfect outdoor lighting.

9. Rustic wire-rope solar light:

It is basically a path light wire around it and hanging with a rope. In the city life a rustic looking lantern can bring a different view. It is very easy to make or you can say recreate. You just need path light, solar light kit, wire, rope and old mattress. By looking at it I can say you will definitely fell in love with it. If you want, you can buy this solar lantern at a very low cost.

10. Tin can solar lantern:

Nowadays you hear ‘recycling trash’ very often. Here you will see the application of recycling. Take a tin can which you left in the garage as you don’t need it anymore. Make holes in the can; you can create any picture or design with hole on the can. And then add the light. Isn’t it too easy to make? You can hang these unique lanterns on posts. These will give a natural look to the walkway.

The benefits of solar lighting over electric lighting

Solar lights are so useful that nowadays you can use these anywhere. The benefits of using solar lighting over electric lighting are –

  • Solar lights are cheaper. Electricity in your home, office, garments costs you a huge amount of money every month. And day by day this charge of electricity is going higher and higher. Solar lights can save your money if you use these at your home or office. Some people may think that these are only suitable for outdoors and home decoration which makes the environment of the home pretty. But that is not it. Indoor solar lights for regular use are very useful. Again it can save your money. If you even replace an electric bulb with a solar light that is going to save a good amount of your money.
  • A great advantage of using solar lights is these are Eco-friendly. Climate change has brought a great concern among the people and at the time of this crisis this solar light going to help. Being green is not easy but with a small step, you can make a move towards it. The solar panel doesn’t need anything but sunlight. It won’t eat up states utility grid which is a great thing. Nowadays people are moved by these thoughts and start using solar light.
  • You can add something to the security by using this solar light. These are not only for hanging a lantern by the side of a tree or at the corner of your living room. Small wireless units and floodlights are the places where you can apply solar lights. You can protect important equipment of your garden if use solar light. So you can see there are so many uses for it.
  • Blackout is a common thing during the storm. Heavy storms can take over the electricity and the electricity may go for some days. At that time darkness can be removed by the use of solar powered light. Candles and oil lamps may put some risk but solar lights are free of any risk and safer.
  • If the walkway is dark, then anyone can get hurt. So you can lighten up your walkway with the use of solar lights. Place some solar lights at the dangerous points where people can hurt themselves. Thus solar lamps make a safer move for yours and other people.
  • These lights can also highlight the pools and ponds in place of electric lighting. Pool lights may be costly so at that place you can put solar lights.


Solar lights have brought a blessing into our life. You can use them for households as well as outdoor decoration. So see, where can’t you use solar lights? Everywhere.

Already you have come to know how creatively you can use these lights and the effectiveness of these. So start using solar lights more and more.

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