Need A Camping Shower Tent? 10 Features To Look For

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Camping is a fun outdoor activity that you can take to have a break from your busy work schedule. It is a rewarding activity which might seem difficult sometimes but it is worth every bit of effort. You can connect and be one with Mother Nature. And your camping would be a lot easier with the presence of a camping shower tent. People often forget to pack this camping gear.

But it is the most helpful when you will camp with a group of people. If you never bought a camping shower tent before, you might be clueless about from where to start. Well, you don’t have to look any further. Followings are the top 10 features that you should look out for while buying a camping shower tent.

How to choose Camping Shower Tents: Top 10 features to look for

1. Construction material

Camping is a quite popular activity today. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading the materials they use to manufacture camping gear to help the campers to have a great experience on their trips. Camping shower tents are usually made of polyester, canvas and nylon. These materials have their own unique properties. It is highly suggested that you select a shower tent made from combined materials since they are more durable. It will allow you to use it for a long time.

2. The size

You need to consider your space requirements. Do you have room in your vehicle for camping shower tent and how much so that you are willing to spare for your camping shower?

Because shower tents come in a variety of sizes. So, get a one that best suited to your needs. You should consider a camping shower tent that is spacious enough for comfort and flexibility while taking a shower. You might also like to consider models with large doors. It will give easy access.

3. Weight and portability

Another important feature to look for is the weight of the tent. You should consider models that are manufactured using lightweight materials for better portability. Also, look for if these tents can be folded into a compact size. I will make them easier to carry. For better convenience, pick a shower tent that comes with a carry bag.

4. Set up

Usually, the camping shower tents have a pop-up design. It allows a camper to set the tent up within a couple of minutes. But make sure that the tent is also sturdy and firm enough not to be blown away by the wind. Make sure that you also have mounting stakes. These will help to hold the tent firmly to the ground and will save you unexpected embarrassment.

5. Level of privacy

Level of Privacy is a key concern when to look for a showering camping tent. Better choose a tent with opaque materials and an enclosed roof. It will provide your much needed privacy for you and your family.

6. Water availability

To select a perfect camping shower tent, you need to ask yourself some questions so that you can be equipped with a better shower tent.
Will you have easy access to water where you will be camping? Or will you be bringing extra water for the shower?

If so, where will you be storing it? Try to look out for features that can best incorporate your answers to the design of your chosen model.

7. Heating sources

Do you need to heat the water for your shower? If so, what extras are required to heat the water if you buy a shower with a heating function? These are the key questions to select a shower tent with heating functions. Some shower tents come with pressure or storable electricity function to heat your water. While some provide you with a solar solution to the heating of water. So, choose one that is better suited to your need.

8. Other features like ventilation and Toiletries holder

You should probably look out for a shower tent that has a proper ventilation system since it can get stuffy and suffocating during summer or while bathing with heated water. Also, choose one that comes with an option for toiletries holder for your comfort of bathing.

9. Budget

Budget is a key feature that one often overlooks. You should ask yourself, how much do you want or willing to spend on a shower? Because they can be a little pricey sometimes. Only camp once a year or two? Then spending a bulk of money on a shower tent should be a lower priority. Find a cheaper option.

10. Style of camping you do

Lastly, the features you need in your camping shower tent should be the one that is dependent on your personal key factors, things that only you know. You need to give some thinking to your own personal camping style. Because, everyone camps differently. Ask yourself first: Where do you camp most often? Is it established campgrounds or bush camping?

Also, does the campground allow showering in the bush?

Also, what is your personal style of camping? Which one do you follow- tents, backpacking or caravans?

  • If you often camp in a caravan park, then you won’t need a big water heating shower since you will have easy access to amenity blocks for showering.
  • If you are a remote camper in the Outback, you might need a shower with less water which is good for a minimal, quick wash up.
  • If you are in it for long-term camping, you might need a water heating shower depending on your frequency of showering. Plus, you will be using it for general hot water purpose.

Final words

It really is great to wash off the dirt after an eventful day of camping. With the above features mentioned, it will be easy for you to achieve that feeling of cleanliness and freshness through getting a proper tent that meets your need. However, do your homework first before buying a camping shower tent that's right for you!

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