Why Binoculars Are Essential For Hunters? Tips For Hunting In Low Light Conditions

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If you are a hunter, then binoculars has to be a part of your hunting gadgets. Not only for hunters but binoculars are essential for hiking camping etc. We’re discussing here on the topic that why binoculars are essential, especially for hunters.

Well, a binocular can add extra advantage to the hunt with better view. It needs practice to quickly focus on wildlife with binoculars.

But I can say that it is an obvious thing for hunting. If you have confusion whether you should grab a binocular or not when going for hunting, then read this article. And you will come to know why it is necessary to have a binocular when hunting. Stay till the end so that you can have a clear conception.

Why binoculars are essential for hunters?

For stepping up your hunting experience, right guidelines about binoculars are going to be needed. Here are some advantages of having a binocular when hunting –

1. Long range scouting

You can't cover a long distance with bare eyes and scout for your preys. Binoculars give you that advantage. You may miss like a ton of opportunities if you are thinking of hunting without a binocular for your next hunting trip. With bare eyes, you may not even notice footprints but binoculars will give you that benefit of seeing a slight spot of footprint which is called a trail. You can track down preys too easily from the information that a trail gives you. So hunting has become so interesting.

2. Higher clarification

Some people have that question that whether they need a binocular even after having a rifle scope and the definite answer is YES. Riflescopes provide magnification but it is to a certain extent. On the other hand, binoculars give you clarity of viewing and low light visibility. Binoculars have the larger objective lens and it allows more light to enter.

3. Calculating distance

The latest invention is the integration of binocular and rangefinder. A rangefinder binocular can calculate the distance of the object that you are targeting along with the other general binocular features. It depends on laser technology to calculate the distance. Rangefinder binocular can calculate the distance instantly as the laser can travel at light’s speed.

4. Shooting the correct prey

Shooting the wrong prey may happen into a misery. Sometimes hunters accidentally shot humans as they mistake them as preys. So being alert when shooting is one of the most significant things. Without binocular, you can do this mistake and people who mistakenly shot others got excited when they have come to the hunter's eyesight.

You can avoid this dangerous accident and prevent this seeing the prey clearly before taking the shot. For that reason, hunters should carry a binocular with them so that they can avoid this type of accidents.

Tips for hunting in low light condition

For hunting in low light condition, you need to consider some aspects. Considering those aspects, here are some tips for you –

  1. In low light condition, quality optics is your best companion. And it is best in the form of binocular. 8x to 10x range binoculars are good for low light hunting. If you think about larger objective, then I will say quality optics can let you have more light and make the creatures visible which you won’t be able to see with bare eyes. Bare eyes will see that there is no creature but binocular can give you the actual sight. So it is a good decision if you choose q quality optic over any cheap costing optic.
  2. patches of snow, reeds amidst darker trees, the reflective water of stream – these are the lighter areas. If the prey is in front of these areas, use binocular to size them up and confirm that it is a shooter buck.
  3. Set your binocular low when it becomes darker. Low light locks the ability to see a buck even though has a bright glow. Night time observation binoculars are the best in this situation. Setting low may make the shooting critical and you can miss but it is the best solution for this kind of situation.

Tips for observing wildlife with binoculars

Focusing is a quite important thing for hunting and every person needs to adjust focus for their eyes. Along with it, there are other simple tricks.

  • No matter in which distance the prey is, it may be 300 or 2000 yards from you, binocular have to be adjusted. Roll the knob of the focus back and forth. The technique is more useful than trying to see that prey with your eye’s focus. If you have good optics, then you need to practice it less.
  • Use the pinhole glasses trick if your eyes are ok or not to check it. In a dark room, take a digital clock and look at it. If you can't see it properly, then make a pinhole in a paper and look at a digital clock through it. After the image is clear to you then your eyes need help focusing.
  • If you want to see a bird or some other animal clearly, then you are going to need a good optic, but not the best one. Because sometimes with an average binocular you can see the same thing as the expensive one. But the expensive one will provide you with a sharp picture of that animal. If you can continue with your binoculars, then it is totally alright.


Binocular is an efficient thing for hunting even it is a low light condition. It may provide you that image which your eye can't able to find.

So after going through the article, you have come to know why binocular it important for hunting. Also now you know how you can improve your hunting quality by considering some particular aspects. So applying these in your hunting, enjoy every moment of it.

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