Best Snowboard Helmets 2019 : Enhanced Ventilation Facilities!

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Your appearance says a lot about your personality. Therefore choosing a helmet takes a proper combination of your taste and its ability. So how can you decide choosing the best snowboard helmet? Obviously the one that matches all your required criteria is the best one for you.

But, think of this:

What if I told you that by the time we’re done you’ll have the best of the best at your disposal? Yes, that’s right, you’ll have 10 of the best in 2019. This snowboard reviews article can help you to choose the best value snowboard helmets. To complement the top 10 reviews, we also do have a complete buying to get you started on choosing the best helmets.

Enough with the introductions already, let’s get started right away by taking a look at the comparison chart then dive into today’s main agenda.

Comparison on 10 Best Snowboard Helmets




Air Ventilation


Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

2 pounds

Multi-port vent

Check Price

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner

2 pounds

Multi-port vent

Check Price

Traverse Sports Dirus Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike

1.2 pounds

10 Vents

Check Price

Traverse Sports 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

1.2 pounds

14 Vents

Check Price

KUYOU Skate Helmet Adjust Size Multi-Impact ABS Shell

4.7 pounds

11 Vents

Check Price

Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet

1.6 pounds

14 Vents

Check Price

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

5 pounds

14 Vents

Check Price

Outer Shell Ski Helmet Convertible Skateboard Helmet

1.5 pounds

12 Vents

Check Price

Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

2 pounds

Thermostat Control adjustable venting

Check Price

Retrospec Traverse H2 Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Convertible to Bike/Skate

1 pounds

8 Vents

Check Price

Yeah, you could read through the individual product reviews to get your pick but wouldn’t this be too much trouble if you want to get your hands on the best ASAP? Well, right down below is a comparison chart that’s equally as good as the product reviews. Do take a look.

10 Best Snowboard Helmets reviews in 2019

Whether you’re looking for the best mens snowboard helmets, for the women or for kids, there’s no way you could possibly go wrong with this review. Even if you’re concerned about budgets, most of the helmets featured here falls within the best helmets under 100 dollars category.

1. Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet


Kicking of our review is one of the best for all season helmets you’ll get in 2019- the Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet. Why is a summer helmet on a snowboard helmet list? Well, these helmets are for multi purpose uses such as snowboard, skateboard, cycling and such type sports, one of the best snowboard helmet for the money now. The BERN snowboard helmets are well known for its quality among its users. Let’s see what we’ve got in this BERN helmet review.

A thin shell with both ABS and EPS foam thickness

Starting with the most important feature any snowboarding helmet is expected to give you, this one comes with a thin shell which is a balance between ABS and polycarbonate. There is also the EPS foam thickness. With the two of these working hand in hand, it’s definitely going to be the safest and most durable snowboarding helmet. It is also designed in such a way that it can work as good snowboard helmet with visor. The Bern watts EPS bike helmet review is basically the same as this.

A single sizing team fit system

Besides utmost protection, the fit is also one of the best. It does come in small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large and extra-extra-extra-large variants.

Besides just having a variety of different sizes, there is a proprietary dial adjustment system that is simple to use for the best possible fit.

Both lightweight and comfortable

The fact that bern watts helmets has a thin shell deems it as one of the lightest helmet hence saves you from getting fatigued while snowboarding. For the shape of the visor it is one of the best snowboard helmet for GoPro uses.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s got a crank fit system for utmost comfort
  • angle-double-rightBuilt with an EPS foam and ABS outer shell ultimate safety
  • angle-double-rightComes with a chin strap for a snug fit


  • angle-double-rightThe sizing runs small and you need to be really keen on this

2. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner

If you’re looking for something that will give you an all-around protection for any snow sports need, the lucky bums helmet review is a must to read for you. It is relatively one of the best budget snowboard helmet on our comparison list.

Utmost protection

Being the most important thing when selecting a snowboard helmet, this one comes with an ABS and EPS construction which complies to the EN1077 standards and is CE certified

The helmet also does have two reinforced layers with the outer shell having an ABS material and it is covered by an EPS outer shell for dual protection.

Comfortable fit

For the fit, it’s one of the few helmets that you’ll get with a lot of adjusting options. There are 4 sizes to choose from and there is also a micro adjustable strap which gives you a perfect and adjustable fit for almost anyone.

It does have an ear padding as well which makes it feel comfortable on your head.

There’s more:

Besides just having an adjustable strap and multiple sizes, it features a multiport with mesh screens that prevent the build-up of snow and at the same time allow optimal air flow. It also features a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial treatment


  • angle-double-rightComes in 4 different sizes that are adjustable using a strap
  • angle-double-rightDual protection is offered with the ABS material and the EPS outer shell
  • angle-double-rightIncludes a google loop for extreme downhill movement


  • angle-double-rightThe rear adjustable strap has an edge that’s uncomfortable

​3. Traverse Sports Dirus Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike

It comes in multiple sizes and it’s as comfortable as it is safe for use in snowboarding. Let’s find out why it’s the best snowboard helmet.

Includes 10 vents for ultimate temperature regulation

In order to ensure that you’re cool all the time, it’s got 10 vents that are strategically placed all around the helmet hence allowing for a thorough air ventilation.

By wicking away any moisture, your body temperature will be regulated

Has an ABS shell for the exterior

To protect you from any harm just in case of an impact, it does have a shock-absorbent EPS interior as well as an unyielding ABS exterior shell. With the two of these working hand in hand, you’ve definitely got the guarantee that your safety will not be compromised.

It’s got an adjustable dial for a customizable fit

It does come in 3 different sizing options for the small, the medium and the large size. In addition to this, the helmets in either of these categories can have the fit adjusted by the dial at the back to give you a snug and comfortable fit


  • angle-double-rightBoasts an ABS exterior shell and EPS interior
  • angle-double-rightHas an adjustable dial for a customizable fit
  • angle-double-rightIncludes 10 strategic vents that keep you cool all the time


  • angle-double-rightIt’s a little too heavy and will take some time getting used to

4. Traverse Sports 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet

Looking for the best lightweight snowboard helmets? Well, this one will definitely do you some justice. It is one of the lightest snowboard helmets of our list. Do take a closer look at how much it’s got in store for you.

Has an adjustable EgroKnob dial for a snug fit

For the fit, it does have an EgroKnob at the rear, this is should be a red knob that can be adjusted with one hand on a scale of 1 to 11. Simply turn it clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen it.

Besides the adjustment knob, there’s also the chin strap which is adjustable and comes with a super soft cushion hence you don’t have to worry about getting chaffed

Includes 14 vents for temperature regulation

Besides just giving you a perfect fit, it has 14 vents that allow for optimal temperature regulation. These are strategically distributed at the back, the front and on the top.

It also does have a wire mesh that gives it more structure as well as a cloth mesh that wicks away the sweat and then transfers it for evaporation.

It has an unyielding ABS shell exterior and an EPS interior

For the protection, it has a hard ABS outer shell to protect you from impact and an EPS shell on the inside to absorb any shock from impact.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s got an adjustable dial and a chin strap for a snug fit
  • angle-double-rightIncluded in the design are a shock absorbent EPS and an unyielding ABS shell
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got an outstanding 14 shells for utmost temperature regulation


  • angle-double-rightNot the best kids snowboard helmet as it runs large

5. KUYOU Skate Helmet Adjust Size Multi-Impact ABS Shell

Let’s see what we’ve got in this Kuyou Skate Helmet Review.

A lightweight and safe design

Well, here’s a combination you don’t come across every day. The helmet measures only 4.7 pounds but even so, it’s safety is not compromised whatsoever.

It has a hard and lightweight ABS shell as well as a black EPS lining sponge fabric for shock absorption in the event of an impact.

It’s got an easy and dependable adjustment

For the adjustment, it not only comes in the small, medium and large sizes but it does have a spin dial which can be removed when need be as well as straps. This makes it the best kid snowboard helmets of our list and simultaneously equally as good a helmet for adults

It’s got 11 vents as well as extra interior pads for a custom fitting

For a consistent air circulation, it has 11 vents that force cool air in and warm air out. There are also extra interior pads for a custom fit.


  • angle-double-rightHas EPS lining, an ABS shell and an extended rear coverage for utmost protection
  • angle-double-rightComes with adjustable straps and a spin dial for easy adjustments
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got 11 vents for a consistent air flow hence keeping you fresh and comfortable


  • angle-double-rightLike any other helmet, be keen when sizing it up for the best experience

6. Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet

In addition to just having a sleek design, it does have a performance that’ll definitely be worth every penny you spend on it. here’s how much you’ll be getting from it. We have 2 different models of Smith Helmet review back to back here.

It has got AirEvac 2 ventilation

When it comes to giving you utmost comfort while snowboarding, it boasts an outstanding 14 regulator adjustable vents. These, coupled up with an AirEvac 2 goggle-compatible ventilation system keeps your head cool and your goggles clear while snowboarding.

Has got room for additional accessories

As far as versatility is concerned, this is definitely the best snowboard helmet with audio you’ll get which is credited to none other than the Skullcandy audio system built in it.

A lightweight in-mold construction

Most importantly, for the constriction, it boasts a polycarbonate shell which should be enough to give you protection against any impact. In addition to having the PC shell, it also does have an EPS foam liner which provides the best shock absorption and making it one of the best looking snowboard helmets.


  • angle-double-rightHas got 14 adjustable vents and an AirEvac ventilation to keep your head cool
  • angle-double-rightThe PC and EPS protection gives you utmost protection
  • angle-double-rightIncluded in it is the Skullcandy audio system


  • angle-double-rightTo ensure it fits, be sure pick one that’s of accurate size

7. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

Yet another outstanding helmet from Smith optics is the Smith Optics 2019 Holt (Matte White) Snowboard Helmet. The design is unisex, whether you’re looking for Smith men’s aspect helmet review or the best women’s snowboard helmet, this review will be worth your time.

Has got 14 vents included in the design

Starting with the most striking feature on this helmet, you’ll be getting an outstanding 14 vents which allow for optimal airflow. The Airflow system also does make it possible to adjust the 14 different vents throughout the ski season

Includes the Skullcandy audio

Besides the outstanding ventilation system, it also does have a optional Skullcandy audio system included within it. There’s definitely no better way to listen to your favorite tunes as you ski down the slope if you prefer for a snowboard helmet audio system making it one of the snowboard helmets with bluetooth.

Includes warm ear pads for warmth

With the Bombshell ear pads, your ears will get the best cushioning. It is also a self-adjusting system which will also ensure that you’re kept as warm as possible throughout the winter.


There is the AirEvac ventilation that connects the shell to EPS liner hence keeps the goggles fog-free


  • angle-double-rightIt’s got an EPS liner that keeps your goggles fog-free
  • angle-double-rightIncluded in the helmet is the Skullcandy audio system
  • angle-double-rightIt has got adjustable vents for utmost comfort


  • angle-double-rightThough it protects you, it’s really big and bulbous for skinny person


Does this one really have what it takes to give you the best time?

Let’s find out form this Outer Shell Helmet review…

One of the key feature of this helmet is that it falls among the top best snowboard helmets for big heads.

Certified safety

Starting with the most important of all, the safety on this helmet is guaranteed as it conforms with the safety standard EN 1077: 2007 Class B certified.

Besides this, it does have a thermoplastic reinforced ABS hard shell and a polysource for high energy absorbing EPS liner that keeps you safe at all times.

Offers both a comfortable and easy fit

To ensure that it as comfortable as possible, it has a soft fleece liner that keeps you warm at all times. You can also remove the inner fleece liner and ear pads which are easy to wash in order to keep you sweat and odor free.

There’s more:

You can also remove the goggle holder that you can attach to the helmet anytime you need to use it and there’s a knob that gives you a snug fit as well

Includes 12 vents to keep you cool

With the 12 vents you have on this, there is a high Actively Airflow Tunnel system which keeps you cool during hours of skiing.


  • angle-double-rightIncludes a knob adjustment for a snug fit
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got an ABS shell and high energy absorbing EPS
  • angle-double-rightIncludes 12 vents that keep the air flowing


  • angle-double-rightSizing is somehow a problem as it runs small

​9. Giro Ledge MIPS: Snow Helmet

Coming up second last on our list is the Giro Ledge Helmet Review. The Giro Ledge MIPS just so happens to be one of the best snowboard helmet with aftermarket headphone options along with giving you comfort and protection is concerned.

A multi-directional impact protection (MIPS)

Boasting to be one of the few helmets with the MIPS design, the hybrid design merges the ventilated shell upper with the in-mold construction shell lower coupled up with sidewalls for added protection and style. There’s also an EPS foam liner added to it for shock absorption.

This type of construction gives it added durability and at the same time keeping things light with the option for snowboard helmet audio kit uses.

A custom and comfortable fit

In the form 2 fit system, you’ll be having on this helmet, it gives you a lower and lighter profile than most. It also does have an improved dial design that provides adjustments of up to 6cm plus a better stability

Outstanding ventilation system

There’s a low-profile button that gives this helmet a thermostat-like control. This gives you the ability to vary the ventilation faster and easier.


  • angle-double-rightHas a form 2 fit system for a faster-customized fit
  • angle-double-rightIncludes a thermostat control for adjustable venting
  • angle-double-rightHas got multi-directional impact protection for beefed-up durability and lightweight


  • angle-double-rightThe sizing runs small and you may need to go for a slightly larger one to get a perfect fit

10. Retrospec Traverse H1 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Finally with the Retrospec helmet review we‘re wrapping up, we’ve got the Traverse Sparrow Youth Ski/Snowboard & Snowmobile Helmet. Bound to offer both protection and comfort, you couldn’t go wrong with this one, the Retrospec traverse h1 review.

A hard ABS exterior and an EPS foam interior

Starting with the most important feature of all you could get on any snowboard helmet, it’s got a hard ABS exterior as well as an EPS foam interior.

Whereas the ABS exterior gives protection from shock, the EPS interior, on the other hand, is chock absorbing which ensures that no harm gets to the skull whatsoever- definitely the best kids snowboard helmet.

Plush earmuffs for warmth

For both comfort and warmth, it does have plush earmuffs. The fact that this snowboard helmet is equipped with all the safety and comfort features and it also conforms with safety certifications (EN 1077: 2007 and the CPS 16 CFR, part 1203 for bicycle helmets) qualifies it as one that’s worth every penny.

The padded chin strap gives a snug fit

In order to ensure you won’t have to experience the irritation of chaffing, the chin strap is padded hence providing a snug fit.

There’s also a durable rear goggle clip to keep the goggles safe and secure.


  • angle-double-rightIt includes a padded chin strap that eliminates chafing
  • angle-double-rightIncludes plush earmuffs for both comfort and warmth
  • angle-double-rightIncludes a durable ABS exterior and EPS foam interior


  • angle-double-rightThe helmet size cannot be adjusted, you can only adjust the chin strap

How to get the best snowboard helmets

Now that you’ve got 10 of the most popular snowboard helmets list simply a click away, they are among the top best rated snowboard helmets by the users. Here’s a buying guide, just as promised, to get you started on making your selection and distinguish among different snowboard helmet brands, what to look for on your perfect helmet.

How safe is it?

Since the key reason as to why anyone would look for a snowboard helmet is to keep themselves from getting injured, it’s of utmost importance that you invest in one that’ll do you some justice

Here are to two key categories upon which safety is based:

  • The outer shell: the shell is the outer layer of the helmet and normally is the hardest part. the best thing to do when selecting one would be to go for one with a really rigid surface such as ABS plastic that will protect your head against sharp objects, abrasion or knocks
  • An inner liner: equally as important as the outer shell is the liner. If you happen to hit a hard object, the outer shell will take in some of the shock but not all of it which is where the inner liner comes into play. It’s normally made of foam material such as expanded polystyrene foam (EPS foam).

The size of the helmet

Once you’re sure that your helmet is completely safe, you can go ahead and take a closer look at the fit. For the helmet to work properly, you’ll need to pick one that has a snug fit. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Most of the helmets will come with a size chart from the manufacturer. You should keenly measure your size since the last thing you want is the helmet to be knocked off during a fall.
  • If you normally have a beanie on underneath your helmet, you should go for one that’s slightly larger.
  • As far as the size is concerned, I’d recommend that you also consider the weight. Too heavy a snowboard helmet will fatigue you and you definitely won’t have a good time.

Is it comfortable enough?

Yet another thing that you should consider is whether or not it’s comfortable enough to have on. With reference to our previous point, the size is also of utmost importance when it comes to comfort.

A good enough helmet should also have a venting system, this allows for optimal air circulation hence minimizing the build-up of sweat. The same can also be complemented by a moisture-wicking fabric that’ll draw sweat away from the skin

Something else you should take a look at is the adjusting clips and clasps it’s got. With the best chin strap, it should be easy to get the helmet on and off.

Additional accessories- are they really necessary?

Well, when it comes to attachments for additional accessories, it’s entirely a matter of your personal preference. Some helmets normally come with a built-in camera mount, some have detachable liners also known as full face snowboard helmet that allows you to customize the level of warmth you want. Some helmets are known as bluetooth snowboard helmet because they have built-in audio speaker arrangements that are connected via bluetooth. Apart from the down sides of the extra features, for example full face helmets can cause sweat, bluetooth helmets may require charge on the bluetooth device periodically, if you find them convenient then definitely you should prefer these extra features.

Safety Features of Best Snowboard Helmets

Protection isn’t something you can skip considering. Safety is of utmost importance when snowboarding and with a snowboarding helmet being the best way to ensure this, here’s how you should ensure safety while wearing one.

  • First of all, you should always check the type of shell it’s got. This either has to be an ABS plastic or durable polyurethane construction.
  • Then there’s the padding. The last thing you want is to feel the shock on your skull if you happen to fall. This should be thick enough but not uncomfortably thick- a snug fit should be enough
  • One more thing you should pay close attention to is the straps. Ensure that they’re secure and the locking system used doesn’t threaten to come off while snowboarding since this means the helmet will be off your head.

Cleaning of Snowboard Helmets

Here’s how you should go about when cleaning it for it to last as long as possible:

  • Starting with the visor, you should basically clean it every time you are done using it. If possible, you should clean it thoroughly once you get home after snowboarding. Doing otherwise will take a lot of effort which could result in scratches.
  • For the vents and intakes, you need to ensure they are always clean and open to allow optimal air flow.
  • Cheeks and pads should also be kept clean and the best way to do so is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • If possible use a good snowboard helmet cover for storage purpose to be safe from dust and scratches.
  • Finally, to get rid of any odors, clean the interior of the helmet using a damp cloth. This should include the padding as well. For the helmet’s exterior, you should gently wipe it with a damp cloth.

Some Frequently Asked Question & Answers About Snowboard Helmets

Is there any difference between ski and snowboard helmets?

The answer is no, basically they have no differences. Many people has this confusion that are ski and snowboard helmets the same? Ski helmets and snowboard helmets are actually the same thing. All it matters is how it fits you perfectly, with the goggles and other gears required for the activity.

How long do snowboard helmets last?

Lasting of a snowboard helmet is mainly dependent on the material it is made from. But some manufacturers mentions to replace the helmet after one or two heavy impacts. Usually the pricey ones can sustain more impacts and last longer than most cheap snowboard helmet.

How to measure snowboard helmet size?

You can easily determine your snowboard helmet size according to size and shape classified for children or adult. The one that fits you perfectly after adjusting the strap is the right size for you. Wear your helmet for a while with the goggles you’re gonna use, try to detect if there’s any discomfort. If it fits alright, that’s the perfect size for you. Remember the helmet should uniformly fit you comfortably, a slight gap can reduce the effectiveness of your gear.

Final verdict.

We’re already through with our reviews and buying guide and you no have better chances of really getting the best snowboard helmet. We hope this review post can answer your question “what are the best snowboard helmets?

As we wrap things up, here’s our recommendation:

To get an all-around performance, We’d advise that you go with the Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner. It comes in 4 different sizes all of which have a micro adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. At the same time, it does give you utmost protection

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