10 Best Picnic Tables – Top Picks For 2019

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Are you headed to a park, garden or even your own backyard for a picnic or for just taking a meal? Then what can be more suitable than a picnic table to make the arrangements.

Apart from outdoor activities, there are picnic tables for kids to make their time a whole lot better. Arriving at the market, you will find numerous tables having different applications and suitability.

Which one to pick among all these? This is quite risky and troublesome work and we are here to solve the problem. We already prepared the list for you to choose the best picnic table for you. Reading our reviews will help you to know about the tables in detail and pick the most suitable one.

Comparison on 10 Best Picnic Tables in 2019



Weight Capacity

Seat Capacity


Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

90 Pounds

4 Kids

Check Price

Premiere Products 5RCAT Resin Convert-A-Bench

1000 Pounds

2 Adults

Check Price

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

80 Pounds

4 Kids

Check Price

Hopkins 90110ONLMI 2x4basics Flip Top BenchTable


3 Adults

Check Price

Lifetime 22119 Folding Picnic Table

1500+ Pounds

8 Adults

Check Price

Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella Comb

1000 Pounds

4 Adults

Check Price

Hopkins 90182ONLMI 2x4basics Picnic Table Kit

1000+ Pounds

6 Adults

Check Price

Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Table

700 Pounds

4 Adults

Check Price

Christopher Knight Bowman Wood Picnic Table Set

1000+ Pounds

4 Adults

Check Price

Giantex 6 Person Round Picnic Table Set Outdoor Pub Dining Seat

600 Pounds

6 Adults

Check Price

10 Best Picnic Tables in 2019

1. Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

Give the kids a perfect table to call their own party with this convenient seating table. In fact, Lifetime comes with a very sturdy table to offer a great picnic time for your kids.

The upper portion is of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) which imparts greater strength against rough usage. No matter how dirty the top gets, you can clean the top using the damp cloth with ease.

Along with powder coating, the supportive steel frame provides incredible durability. The overall combination is UV-resistant and will not peel, crack or chip.

There comes a foldable facility that enables you an easy and effortless storage. Within a few seconds, you make fold flat this table. This is why this best picnic table for toddlers is quite suitable to transport and carry almost anywhere.

Through foot caps at the bottom of each foot, it protects your wood, tiles, and carpet. The caps protect your floor from scuffing or denting on your patio.

You can add up the joy of your beloved kids providing this ergonomic and stylish table. At a very reasonable price, you can arrange a quick party for the toddlers around the house.


  • angle-double-rightDurable steel frame with stable polyethylene top
  • angle-double-rightEffective size to hold 4 kids at once with comfort
  • angle-double-rightUV protected top resists staining or cracking
  • angle-double-rightFoldable design for convenient and quick storage
  • angle-double-rightSuitably shaped foot caps to prevent scuffing


  • angle-double-rightThe seats are not very spacious and sturdy
  • angle-double-rightLegs are likely to wobble for about ½ inches

2. Premiere Products 5RCAT Resin Convert-A-Bench

This multi-functional table comes with a unique conversion to suit your garden experience. Along with this Premiere Products creation, you can decorate your patio or balcony to induce an impressive outlook.

The quality vinyl material delivers ultimate strength for this ergonomic bench. Not to mention, the resin offers a lightweight table for you. The white exterior ensures better appearance and easy maintenance facility.

Speaking of the conversion, you can make single-sided or double-sided table quite fast. Just fold the armrest and the back which creates single –sided table. You need to joint with another unit to get a double-sided table.

The ergonomic and convenient design allows using this bench for both indoor or outdoor usage. With this one, it requires only a few minutes to assemble or conversion.

Get a new and comfortable outdoor picnic experience using this versatile bench. Considering its versatility, the price of this one is worth it. Therefore, you need to look into this one to get something different than regular tables.


  • angle-double-rightLightweight but enduring vinyl construction
  • angle-double-rightErgonomic resin surface for better performance
  • angle-double-rightSuperior conversion with easy and quick assembly
  • angle-double-rightIncredible design to prevent weather effects
  • angle-double-rightSuitable for decorating porch, balcony and even patio


  • angle-double-rightIncluded hardware pack have missing issues
  • angle-double-rightThe assembly is a bit difficult for first-timers

3. Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Along with a colorful design and sturdy construction, this definitely qualifies as one best picnic table. This Step2 production, not just a picnic table but also an enjoyable playing ground for your kids.

Suitable plastic construction makes this quite sturdy and durable to withstand the mess of the kids. In addition, approved plastic imparts greater support for the kids. There come no harmful ingredients for the baby health as well.

Ergonomic and playful shaped seats can hold 4 children at a time. Not to mention, you will receive 2 seats with the table each of which is able to take 40 pounds in a row.

The most unique feature is its removable umbrella which can be fitted right in the middle of the table. The 42” square sized umbrella is quite sufficient to save the skin of your little ones.

Requiring very easy assembly, the lightweight parts enable a quick table formation. Apart from that, the foldable design allows a pretty convenient storage when disassembled.

Let your kids develop their growing social skills using this versatile table. Within a reasonable price, this playing table encourages your little one’s senses for sure.


  • angle-double-rightSuitable for skill enhancement for the kids
  • angle-double-rightRequires no tools for a perfect assembly
  • angle-double-rightEnduring plastic body for comfortable seating
  • angle-double-rightRemovable square umbrella offers shade
  • angle-double-rightCan hold maximum 4 children at a time


  • angle-double-rightLower weight carrying capacity
  • angle-double-rightRequires frequent maintenance

4. Hopkins 90110ONLMI 2x4basics Flip Top BenchTable

You can seat with utmost comfort and ease along with this versatile benchtable. Not to mention, Hopkins allows you to make an effortless conversion of the bench to a suitable picnic table and the reverse in a few seconds.

A wooden appearance not just enhances its beauty but also decorates your patio to a great extent. The artistic combination of wooden colour with white supports makes it a preferable choice among smart people.

Having a perfect structural resin construction, it comes with outstanding serviceability. The frame is sturdy enough to withstand the toughest natural condition for all the year.

To get the proper table, you need only 2 x 4 basics to complete the assembly. In fact, the flip top bench has a suitable size to fit all common 2 x 4 basics. Apart from that, you will need a screwdriver, saw and wrench to make the required 90° cuts.

You can make a rather effortless conversion in a second. The designated assembly delivers a convenient storage. Therefore, it comes with almost everything for a great outdoor seating for sure.


  • angle-double-rightQuality resin with suitable coating for extra durability
  • angle-double-rightIncludes all basic hardware to make a proper assembly
  • angle-double-rightEasy conversion from benchtop to benchtable
  • angle-double-rightIncludes one lock to secure the bench outside
  • angle-double-rightThe capacity extension is possible with further 2 x 4 basics


  • angle-double-rightRequired wood is not included
  • angle-double-rightSwing bolts may lose its smoothness

5. Lifetime 22119 Folding Picnic Table

If you are looking for something large and capable of handling your entire family, then we have a pretty good one right here. Needless to say, Lifetime provides a perfect table with higher capacity for a family picnic.

With commercial HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) construction, the frame imparts incredible strength. Furthermore, the polyethylene induces greater durability and cleanliness.

Through the suitable powder coating, the steel frame encourages better serviceability. Not to mention, the ergonomic finishing can withstand all weather conditions. You will find the body UV-resistant which will not peel, crack or chip.

The foldable frame enables you to make an easy and effortless storage. You make fold flat this table within a few minutes. Therefore, this versatile picnic table is quite suitable to transport and carry almost anywhere.

If you want to stay away from the sun, you can use your umbrella in the umbrella hole. Having foot caps at the bottom of each foot, this best picnic table protects your floor while indoor usage.

This table features a perfect combination to go for a picnic outside the house. Being suitable for the whole family, this is something that can suit your family quite well.


  • angle-double-rightSuperior serviceability with polyethylene construction
  • angle-double-rightDelivers comfortable seating up to 8 people
  • angle-double-rightStain resistant seat having greater UV protection
  • angle-double-rightFoldable design for easy carriage and transportation
  • angle-double-rightContains foot caps for the legs and an umbrella hole


  • angle-double-rightPoor packaging is a troublesome issue
  • angle-double-rightHigher frame weight is difficult to set

6. Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella Comb

Outstanding green exterior with heavy-duty construction induces an ergonomics for this table. Along with this Stansport table, you can have a perfect outdoor picnic experience for your little family.

Regarding the construction, the frame is of quality aluminum. Being anodized, the scientific manufacturing provides a frame of extreme strength and durability. The anodized aluminum is able to resist the weather action all the year around.

Having High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) top, you will find the surface quite smooth. The enduring coating resists possible stain and other dirt as well. You will find it very easy to clean and maintain.

You can save your space while the table is not in use. In fact, the convenient design offers to fold the legs into the base and the table top in half. Therefore, the size gets incredibly reduced for easy and effortless storage.

Featuring an additional umbrella in the table, you can get rid of heat and sunlight. This best picnic table protects your family from harmful UV as well.

Convenient storage and sturdy construction induce a versatile table for this one. You will find it not only comfortable but also a perfectly shaped one to enjoy an outdoor picnic.


  • angle-double-rightAnodized aluminium frame for enhanced durability
  • angle-double-rightHDPE surface to resist stain and moisture action
  • angle-double-rightCircular plastic umbrella of 56” is impact resistance
  • angle-double-rightSufficiently larger surface to hold your accessories
  • angle-double-right2 height adjustment levels with attached handles


  • angle-double-rightThe table surfaces are quite flimsy
  • angle-double-rightNo locking system is available after assembly

7. Hopkins 90182ONLMI 2x4basics Picnic Table Kit

For a comfortable and easy seating experience, you can rely on this versatile table kit. However, you will get an outstanding table from Hopkins to enjoy along with 2 benches on the sides.

To make the appropriate table assembly, you need to use only 2 x 4 basics for completion. In fact, the ergonomic table comes with a suitable size to fit all typical 2 x 4 basics. It requires only 90° cutting. Again, you will need just a screwdriver, saw along with wrench for an effective cut.

Along with sand appearance, this table enhances its beauty and also able to decorate your garden. The combination of the sand surface with resin supports provides a smart outlook.

Having structural quality resin, the construction encourages superior serviceability. This is why the frame is quite sturdy to withstand the toughest condition and usage.

You can impart a colorful and nice vision for your picnic. Along with suitable design, it offers easy and effortless assembly. For a perfect picnic arrangement, this comes with all the things you may require.


  • angle-double-rightVery lightweight and decorative construction
  • angle-double-rightHeavy-duty resin frame with wooden bench & table
  • angle-double-rightOnly requires 90° cuts for 2 x 4 basics lumber supports
  • angle-double-rightOffers full customization facility for the lumbers
  • angle-double-rightIncludes all necessary hardware for quick cutting


  • angle-double-rightRequires greater maintenance for the woods
  • angle-double-rightThe PVC legs make the table quite wobbly

8. Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Table

Enjoy a perfect gathering along with this one for picnic, party and even for reunions. Having a great blue exterior, this Giantex production comes with a versatile table regarding a happy camping time.

Quality construction ensures higher strength and greater durability. Not to mention, it comes with sturdy aluminum alloy frame which imparts outdoor better performance.

There is an ergonomic coating on the top surface of the table. Thus the surface is quite smooth and resistant to moisture action. Apart from that, the coating secures the aluminum fame underneath.

Containing one umbrella crater at the geometric center, the picnic table for camping allows you a comfortable seating. You can make picnic arrangements even on warm summer days.

Being foldable, it delivers easy portability and offers space-saving storage. Thus you can carry the folded, lightweight frame almost anywhere without the slightest difficulty.

This versatile table is indeed a pretty good option for picnic arrangements for the family. You should check this extendable unit if you would like to have a convenient as well as a beautiful table for a perfect picnic experience.


  • angle-double-rightLong lasting commercial aluminium frame
  • angle-double-rightSturdy coating to resist weather actions
  • angle-double-rightIdeal construction for prolonged usage
  • angle-double-rightOne hole at the center to hold an umbrella
  • angle-double-rightConvenient and foldable design for storage


  • angle-double-rightThe aluminum frame is quite thin
  • angle-double-rightMoving pieces may collapse if not locked

9. Christopher Knight Home 298403 Bowman Wood Outdoor Picnic Table Set

Stylish appearance with unique construction makes this quite different from others. Therefore, Great Deal Furniture presents something peculiar to take the outdoor picnic arrangements to a whole new level.

You receive a perfect combination of high-quality wood and commercial iron. In fact, the acacia wooden top and bench comes with increased weight capacity and enduring service.

The supports are of superior iron which induces better performance. The frame can hold and provide utmost support for the body. Needless to say, it doesn’t even undergo any bent and crack even at its maximum capacity.

Along with this best picnic table, there come 2 side benches as well. Therefore, you can use this for a small family picnic or even an outside party on the balcony.

Having a convenient design, it includes foldable frame. Thus you can put it inside the house without taking much space. The ergonomic construction imparts easy compaction and storage.

Not to mention, this is highly suitable for outdoor balcony rather than a distant picnic spot. To make a dinner party or picnic beyond the regular arrangements, you can have this to impart a new taste.


  • angle-double-rightTotal arrangement of a table with 2 side benches
  • angle-double-rightHigh-quality and premium acacia wooden top
  • angle-double-rightCommercial graded iron supports greater capacity
  • angle-double-rightRequires simple assembly with easy maintenance
  • angle-double-rightDecorative design having rustic metal outlook


  • angle-double-rightThe wood is likely to warp and peal
  • angle-double-rightNot very portable with very high self-weight

10. Giantex 6 Person Round Picnic Table Set Outdoor Pub Dining Seat

Through the combination of modern design with classic style, this identical table set offers incredible versatility. You will get a perfect table to enjoy your picnic anywhere else using this Giantex production for sure.

As a decorative unit, this unit comes with suitable and charming appearance. With this one, you can add up the finishing touch for your garden or balcony.

The entire frame is of quality wood that comes with greater strength and further durability. In fact, the wood induces better support along with a beautiful exterior. The superb finishing makes this a sturdy one as well.

Being treated with ergonomic water-based painting, it delivers extra protection for the wood. The protective painting also imparts a lustrous finishing to the wooden surface.

Featuring an umbrella crater at the geometric center, the table allows a perfect umbrella fitting. Thus it enables you to make picnic arrangements on warm summer days.

If you want to add a classic look to the party or the picnic, you will find no better option than this. This stylish table combines almost everything to suit your personality and occasion.


  • angle-double-rightHighly decorative unit for gardens, lawns or patios
  • angle-double-rightQuite sturdy and durable fir wood construction
  • angle-double-rightProtective water-based paint coating at the top
  • angle-double-rightThe circular table contains one umbrella hole at the center
  • angle-double-rightOffers comfortable seating for 6 persons at a time


  • angle-double-rightLower weight carrying capacity
  • angle-double-rightPoor resistant against moisture

Best Picnic Tables Buying Guide

To increase the joy of a picnic with your family members, you need to have a proper table. Without knowing some certain factors about picnic table, your purchase is likely to make things worse. Choosing the best picnic table for your use, therefore, requires careful observation before purchase.


Who and where the table will be used? You have to ensure the answer before buying one. if you want a table for the kids, you need to purchase something light. For adults, you have to choose something sturdy, heavy and suitably shaped as well.


Serviceability and quality mainly depend on the construction. You need to check out the entire frame and the assembly requirement. Again, you need to ensure that the material is completely harmless for the health.


Size is indeed an important factor as your comfortable seating or the kids’ playing depends on it. You should make some measurements at home and then you need to buy according to your requirements.


Although it is related to the use, you have to check out the weight capacity. Otherwise, the choice may end up in an accident. For kids, the capacity is lower to moderate whereas the greater is the better for adults.


Convenient and safe storage is a big issue when a product is not in use. Most of the best quality tables come with the foldable design but you also need to look into it. Foldable design secures the table and again, saves your space.

Patio Table Set Vs Picnic Table Set

There is quite confusion about the differences between patio tables with picnic tables. As it happens, many customers return to the house buying a patio table instead of a picnic table. It is true there are a few difference, but you should know about them.

The most significant difference is the self-weight of the table. In general, picnic tables come with very lightweight construction. This is why they are quite portable. On the other hand, patio tables have a heavy construction which makes it difficult to move the frame.

Apart from the weight, the picnic tables are quite foldable whereas the patio ones are not. Foldable design makes them be stored at home. Patios are preferred to keep in a fixed place.

If you know about the coating, then you will find the patio tables have very sturdy coating than the picnics. As the patio ones are left in the open ground, they come with the sturdy and protective coating.

How to Assemble a 2 x 4 Picnic Table

Among all others, 2 x 4 basics table are quite popular as they can be extended or shortened when necessary. Also, these tables are quite easy to put together. Here is a short description about preparing 2 x 4 picnic tables at home.

Step 1: At first, you need to gather required amount of lumbers. Try to get pressure-treated lumber supports.

Step 2: Get the required hardware and know their application. This will help to make the assembly in short time.

Step 3: Start assembling the frame in the first place. Join the frame constituents properly using the screws and nuts.

Step 4Cut the lumber at 90° to make a suitable fitting. You need to remember that most of the 2 x 4 basics require 90° cuts.

Step 5: Place the lumber in the desired position over the frame. Fix them using suitable screws and nuts as well.

Final Thoughts

We arrived with the best products available on the market. All the products have certain applications and you will get fewer options to choose comparing with others. Our professional experts recommended this list for you after vast analysis.

Therefore, you can rely on our reviews to find your desired one. Every single one of our best picnic tables has superior versatility and ergonomics.

Apart from the review, we tried out best to give you a short but effective idea about picnic tables. Considering them, we do believe that you can find your ultimate picnic table without the slightest difficulty.

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