Best Outdoor Carpets 2019 – Comfortable & Improvised Design!

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Most families like to go outing for relaxation, picnic or social gatherings, especially during the vacation. An outdoor rug is indeed an excellent choice for a family that wants to make most of the outdoor environment as it creates a warm outdoor space which is quite inviting and comfortable.

Not to mention, modern carpets come with an improvised design with incredible softness. Moreover, this unit delivers better service than typical indoor rugs in terms of finished outlook as well as easy installation.

If you are about to choose something elegant for a perfect outdoor time, you have to find the most suitable carpet for sure. But there are a lot of outdoor carpets to choose these days.

To figure out the best outdoor carpet for your use, we represent the most preferred ten by the customers. From a particular aspect, you will only find poor and cheap alternatives to these. So, start reading the following reviews and find your desired one for a superb outdoor experience.

Comparison on 10 Best Outdoor Carpets



Surface Size



​Guide Gear 4′ x 6′ Reversible Patio Mat

4′ x 6′

4.6 Pounds

Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs

4’ x 6’

3.5 Pounds

Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf Area Rug


8.5 Pounds

Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

4’ x 6’

3.95 Pounds

6’x9′ Reversible indoor Outdoor Rug Patio RV Camping Mat

6’ x 9’

4.2 Pounds

iCustomRug Indoor/Outdoor Turf Rugs and Runners

5’8” x 10’

9 Pounds

Reversible Mats 159187 Brown/Beige 9’x18′ Swirl Pattern Mat

9’ x 18’

11.5 Pounds

GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

3’ x 5’

7.93 Pounds

casa pura Carpet Entrance Mat

Casa Pura Carpet Entrance Mat

16” x 30”

1.69 Pounds

Ottomanson Evergreen Collection Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf

2’7” x 8’

4 Pounds

10 Best Outdoor Carpets in 2019

1. Guide Gear 4′ x 6′ Reversible Patio Mat

Guide Gear 4' x 6' Reversible Patio Mat

This is the place where quality construction meets outstanding exterior design. This Guide Gear carpet comes with tough construction to withstand the harshest weather condition.

Speaking of the construction material, the weaves are of 100% polypropylene. In fact, the weaves ensure a colorfast durability and deter bright sunlight, heavy rain, and intense foot traffic.

Along with textured top surface, the carpet resists possible slipping developing traction. Nylon looped corners secure the underlying ground whereas band sewing at the edges reduces fraying.

Being reversible, you can add a fresh look after using one side. Both the sides contain the same exact scrolling lattice/vine design. Again, the inverted colors on the sides allow a perfect reversion of the carpet.

Through the superior accordion-style folding, you can make one compact bundle transport. Apart from that, it includes a suitably sized strap for carriage. Thus you can take this outdoor carpet with you almost anywhere.

Innovative and attractive design helps to shrug off all the elements with ease. This incredible rug ensures a perfect coverage keeping its color and rolls up to handle the future adventure.


  • angle-double-rightDurable woven polypropylene on both sides
  • angle-double-rightTextured but smooth surface induces traction
  • angle-double-rightAccordion-style folding facility with carrying straps
  • angle-double-rightReversible back along with same lattice design
  • angle-double-rightEasy maintenance rinses off through air hose


  • angle-double-rightCurling at edges may take place
  • angle-double-rightThe carpet barely lays flat

2. Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs | Indoor or Outdoor Use

Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs | Indoor or Outdoor Use

With a classic pattern of strips makes it quite easy and suitable to incorporate at anywhere. The array of incredible vibrant hues of this Fab Habitat production induces a pleasing appearance.

Through eco-friendly plastic, these rugs come with increased durability. The straws are of premium quality recycled plastic which provides tightened woven. Precision and skills weave the power threading loom for tough usage.

Superior design and construction, therefore, deliver a hard-wearing, strong but quite soft, comforting underfoot. The quality plastic resists UV rays to deter possible fading as well.

This best outdoor carpet offers multi-functionalities without any damage. Not to mention, using an additional non-skidding pad underneath will protect the color of the back.

By reversing the carpet, you can change the entire outlook in a matter of moments. Therefore, you can use this artistic area rug for indoor decoration or felicitation.

Careful blending of multicolored straws will provide a unique pattern to enjoy every time. The tightly woven straws together introduce beauty, comfort, and strength for outdoor gatherings.


  • angle-double-rightRecycled but premium quality plastic weaves
  • angle-double-rightEco-friendly bag of jute for superior portability
  • angle-double-rightHosing off or gentle shaking for easy clean-ups
  • angle-double-rightReversible rugs to provide 2 different patterns
  • angle-double-rightPrevents mildew and mold, deters UV rays


  • angle-double-rightFolding may result in developing crease
  • angle-double-rightDisintegration occurs in the summer

3. Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf Area Rug

Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf Area Rug 9'x12'

Import a realistic touch of greenish nature to your outdoor spaces using this carpet rug. Along with artificial grass turf, you will enjoy tough as well as resilient construction for sure.

From decks to patios, you will find it quite suitable through its reasonable size. Needless to say, you can also use this for indoor space decoration thanks to its putting greenish quality.

Premium artificial grasses add up comfort and induce better outlook. The olefin grass turf is highly UV resistant. Thus the grasses withstand against fading to remain evergreen.

Durable construction and suitable design come with increased longevity. The design not only encourages appearance but also delivers prolonged comfort for the users. In addition, stabilized grasses are capable of resisting moisture and heat action.

You will face almost no difficulty to clean out the dirt from this ergonomic outdoor carpet. In fact, sufficient amount of bleach and water provides a rather easy cleaning in no time.

Outstanding green top makes this one smart and lovely choice to go outdoor assemblage. You can create a perfect decorative statement by using it in outdoor and indoor spaces.


  • angle-double-rightArtificial green grass turf of enduring olefin
  • angle-double-rightSimple maintenance requires water with bleach
  • angle-double-rightComplete UV stabilization to resist fading
  • angle-double-rightStrong but comfortable design with resilience
  • angle-double-rightHighly suitable for outdoor and indoor decoration


  • angle-double-rightFraying at the edges takes place
  • angle-double-rightThe grasses may look a bit cheap

4. Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

Along with an intricately woven pattern, this mat infuses the classic carpet design with a modern boldness. In fact, you will receive the original Turkish sophistication from this fabulous Mad Mats creation.

Using virgin polypropylene (PPL), you will get enduring service from this incredible oriental mat. From quality plastic bottles and another packing, the highest possible grade of PPL is collected for this one.

Therefore, the entire propylene comes from recycled plastic to ensure its environmental friendly consumption. There comes nylon/polyester ribbon for better serviceability.

With the combination of UV inhibitors and state art conditioner, you will find a soft tubular thread. Being resilient, the colorfast threads discourage dirt or any type of stain absorption.

Unlike the traditional spun poly threads, it offers greater space which releases moisture. A simple garden hose holds enough to rinse away all other debris.

Remaining dry all the time, it is indeed a suitable option for wooden decks avoiding mildew. You can have a perfect outdoor time with its multicolored threads which will deliver you the taste of real flat wool rugs.


  • angle-double-rightEco-friendly polypropylene mat from recycled plastic
  • angle-double-rightSophisticated design with multi-coloured threads
  • angle-double-rightFading and fraying resistant through UV inhibitors
  • angle-double-rightSufficient weave spacing reduces moisture trapping
  • angle-double-rightWithstands all weather conditions all year around


  • angle-double-rightFlat folding is not possible
  • angle-double-rightMat color may differ in some cases

5. 6’x9′ Reversible indoor Outdoor Rug Patio RV Camping Mat

6'x9' Reversible indoor Outdoor Rug Patio RV Camping Mat 20165

Combining classic pattern with ivory and dark brown mixtures, this is quite a suitable patio decoration. Needless to say, BalajeesUSA comes with something different from common others to meet your requirements.

Having quality plastic weaving, it offers incredible durability and strength. Moreover, the suitable plastic construction induces further softness and comfort all the time.

Its colorful surface allows you to use for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. Not to mention, its superior weaving suits outdoor picnic and camping anywhere.

As a reversible mat, it contains the same design patterns on both sides. You can reverse the side and it will give you a fresh mat. Therefore, you can use this for sufficient time even against intense and prolonged usage.

Along with reasonably dense threads, this best outdoor carpet barely contains and holds moisture. For an effective cleaning, one simple hose is good enough. If necessary, you can wash it using water.

You can choose this versatile mat to have your time with your family and friends. Colorful design with the comfortable surface will get you a pleasant time with this one for sure.


  • angle-double-rightPlastic construction for enhanced durability
  • angle-double-rightQuite soft and therefore comfortable to use
  • angle-double-rightCapable of resisting possible moisture action
  • angle-double-rightRequires minor maintenance and cleaning
  • angle-double-rightSuitable for indoor and outdoor decoration


  • angle-double-rightThe unraveling of the weave may occur
  • angle-double-rightOnly straight rolling is possible

6. iCustomRug Indoor/Outdoor Turf Rugs and Runners

Indoor/Outdoor Turf  Rugs and Runners

You can add up a perfect natural touch to the garden or lawn through its artificial grasses. Not to mention, iCustomRug combines incredible design with quality material to offer a perfection.

Along with lightweight grass, it comes with lessen pile length. Through marine backing, the artificial grasses induce comfortable feeling. In fact, you will find them quite soft for outdoor relaxation.

Being lightweight and straight foldable, this one offers smooth portability. This is why it is quite easy to install. Therefore, this durable is quite easy to clean which requires hosing and drying.

Superior finishing comes along all the edges for enhanced protection. It imparts great rugged appearance. Again, the bound edges reduce heat absorption and prevent possible fraying over intense usage.

Having UV stabilizing technology, the entire carpet delivers outstanding weather resistance. Apart from that, it attains less moisture and prevents fading as well as mildew even in the toughest condition.

This unit induces a perfect rug for your outdoor decoration with its unique design. Also, you can take this one with you for a memorable picnic or party experience almost anywhere.


  • angle-double-rightEnhanced durability with quality propylene
  • angle-double-rightLow pile length provides natural feeling
  • angle-double-rightProtective weaves at the edges to deter fraying
  • angle-double-rightFade and UV resistance for increased life
  • angle-double-rightHosing and drying are sufficient for cleaning


  • angle-double-rightThere is no textured pattern available
  • angle-double-rightThe carpet is likely to slide over a slippery surface

7. Reversible Mats 159187 Brown/Beige 9’x18′ Swirl Pattern Mat

Reversible Mats Outdoor Patio / RV Camping Mat

Get the most amazing decoration for your outdoor enjoyment with this unit. Needless to say, this Reversible Mats creation represents a perfection of design and construction among outdoor carpets.

With virgin polypropylene (PPL), this incredible carpet comes with enduring serviceability for your outdoor time. Using the best quality PPL collected from suitable sources, this is indeed an eco-friendly product to use.

Outstanding construction with a beautiful design not just a hard-wearing, strong but also quite comforting, soft underfoot. The high-quality plastic is able to resist UV rays to deter quick fading.

Reversing the carpet can change the entire outlook in a matter of moments. Not to mention, you can use this best outdoor carpet for a final touch up to the indoor decoration as well.

Through reasonably dense threads, it contains almost no moisture or water. For an effective cleaning and maintenance, you can sweep away the dust or wash the entire mat using water.

You can introduce one proper outdoor RV space for your garden or lawn through its versatile features. And using this mat will make your outdoor time more comfortable and enjoyable for sure.


  • angle-double-rightVirgin polypropylene imparts softness and strength
  • angle-double-rightResistant to moisture preventing mildew growth
  • angle-double-rightFast cleaning requires sweeping or water spay only
  • angle-double-rightLightweight & compact design enables easy storage
  • angle-double-rightUV protective coating deters fading and sunlight action


  • angle-double-rightOnly suitable for hard and dry surfaces
  • angle-double-rightThe included carry bag is quite cheap

8. GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

You can impart a realistic greenish nature for your outdoor space decoration using this fabulous rug. With this Golden Moon grass turf, you will enjoy resilient as well as tough construction for sure.

Premium synthetic grasses encourage comfort to induce better appearance. In addition, the olefin grass turf is quite UV resistant. And the grasses withstand against fading to remain evergreen.

A perfect combination of suitable design and durable construction provides increased longevity. The intricate design delivers prolonged comfort for the users. Not to mention, stabilized grasses are capable of resisting heating or moisture retaining.

You will find this best outdoor carpet for decks quite suitable along with its reasonable size for an outdoor picnic. Needless to say, you can go for indoor greenish decoration as well.

There is almost no difficulty to clean out the debris from this ergonomic carpet. Using water will take care of every dirt while drying is the natural sunlight will impart a fresh look.

A green surface makes this unit not only smart but also a lovely choice for the outdoor application. To create a decorative statement for your outdoor and indoor spaces, you will find no better than this.


  • angle-double-rightCommercial synthetic induces better performance
  • angle-double-rightSuitable design for the increased and wide application
  • angle-double-rightGreater heat resistance through multi-coloured weaves
  • angle-double-rightRubberized back side deters mowing or slipping
  • angle-double-rightAnti-aging particle reduces grass colour degradation


  • angle-double-rightDelivers chemical smell in bright sunlight
  • angle-double-rightQuite small in size for larger gatherings

9. Casa Pura Carpet Entrance Mat

casa pura Carpet Entrance Mat

To cover the ground with something a bit more ergonomic, this entrance mat is indeed a good choice. Therefore, you will receive significant advantages from this Casa Pura production for sure.

However, the carpet comes with quality plastic construction to resist possible slipping. The edges have suitable loops which secure the underlying ground whereas band sewing at the periphery discourages fraying.

You will receive not only a hard-wearing and strong but also quite soft and comforting underfoot. In addition, suitable technique deters fading resisting the harmful UV rays.

Containing quality absorbent fibers, the top reaches the deep of the shoe crevices. The special fiber design can hold up to 200 ounces of moisture with 330 ounces of dirt. This is why this mat is quite suitable for office uses as well.

Along with this premium ingredient, you can serve both indoor and outdoor decoration. Apart from that, the exterior delivers a durable color which suits your outdoor plan quite well.

For a unique commercial usage, you can rely on this best outdoor carpet. Superior construction with the colorful pattern is the perfect solution to block the entrance of dirt and wet mud in your home or office.


  • angle-double-rightSoft but sturdy polypropylene induces longevity
  • angle-double-rightNon-slip backing prevents slipping & movement
  • angle-double-rightAbsorbent fiber design gets deep of shoe crevice
  • angle-double-rightUV resisting construction with rubber edging
  • angle-double-rightQuite washable and requires hover for cleaning


  • angle-double-rightA bit small in the surface size
  • angle-double-rightRemoval of wet mud is difficult

10. Ottomanson Evergreen Collection Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf

Ottomanson Evergreen Collection Indoor/Outdoor Green Artificial Grass Turf

Add up an amazing natural touch to your lawn or garden with these superb artificial grasses. However, Ottmanson delivers an intricate design with quality material to give you an evergreen decoration.

With quality polypropylene construction, the grasses come with greater strength and softness. Sufficient marine backing induces a comfortable feeling for the green plastics.

Incredible finishing comes along all the edges for further protection. It provides greater rugged appearance. Needless to say, the bound edges are able to prevent possible fraying over intense usage.

The entire carpet delivers outstanding weather resistance through UV stabilizing designation. In addition, the drainage hole at the back attains less moisture and prevents fading in the toughest condition.

Being lightweight, you can take it wherever you want to make an outdoor party. Therefore, this best outdoor carpet for porch is quite easy to move and install. Also, this durable carpet is easy to clean which requires one simple hosing.

Its unique design induces a perfect rug for your outdoor decoration for sure. This is why choosing this one will get you for a perfect picnic or party experience along with incredible outdoor decoration.


  • angle-double-rightQuality polypropylene retains greenish colour
  • angle-double-rightncredible durability with intricate design
  • angle-double-rightDrainage holes at the back for moisture extraction
  • angle-double-rightResistant to fading and excessive heat absorption
  • angle-double-rightHosing is enough for cleaning and maintenance


  • angle-double-rightThe surface may seem a bit stiff
  • angle-double-rightRolling may cause permanent bumps

Best Outdoor Carpets Buying Guide

Both design and quality are equally important when it is about buying a carpet. But there are too many carpets on the market and getting the most suitable one seems a bit challenging.

But there are some particular factors reading the carpet quality you need to know at first. Knowing about those factors will help you to attain the best outdoor carpet in the least time for sure.

  • Carpet Size: Depending on your use, you must consider a suitable size of the carpet. For gatherings or party, you need something sturdy and quite large as well. For decoration or self-relaxation, the sufficiently small carpet will hold good.
  • Construction: The construction is quite important regarding the serviceability. Not to mention, plastic ones are mostly preferred these days. But you must ensure its colorfast ability and softness.
  • Folding Facility: If you want to go picnic or party far from the house, you have to choose a lightweight one. Again, you must check out whether the carpet can be straight folded or rolled. If carry bag is included, check the construction.
  • Resistance: Quality plastics offer resistance to heat conductivity and weather action. In addition, anti-slipping traction is required for resisting slipping hazard. You have to confirm the availability of these resistances as much as possible.
  • Design: When it concerns with decoration, design pattern and colour automatically requires more attention. Although it varies according to personal favourites, use, and surrounding conditions, you better be careful with the choice.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is indeed a troublesome issue. Luckily, most quality carpets need seldom and easy cleaning and maintenance task. Hosing and washing with water are most suitable processes and you need to look into that.

Types and Uses for Outdoor Carpeting

Among various types, you can strictly consider 5 types to choose your gear. They are:

  • Handmade Rugs: These are mostly sheared or looped with different textures, patterns, and heights.
  • Machine-made Rugs: They come up with machine weaved having an attractive pattern of the intricate stitch.
  • Braided Rugs: This type of rugs provides horizontal or vertical braided construction allowing quality control.
  • Floor Mats: Quite lightweight and thinner compared to the rugs which are mostly of pure polypropylene.
  • Accent Rugs: With acrylic constituents, these polypropylene suits as doormats or intense and heavy footings.

A perfect outdoor carpet allows different applications like –

  • Kitchen, basement, entryway and other indoor space decoration.
  • Garden, lawn and patio decoration and relaxation at leisure.
  • For the arrangement of outdoor picnic or party at any touristic spot.
  • To allow the kids a safe playground inside or close to the house.
  • As the substitute for indoor rugs as outdoor ones are less expensive.

How to Install Outdoor Carpets

Needless to say, the installation is very easy to implement. The followings steps provide a simple guideline to install your chosen carpet in a perfect manner.

Step 1: Cleaning the Area –

At first, take out all the objects and debris from the desired location. Again, try to choose a dry and hard surface.

Step 2: Unrolling & Placement –

Unroll the carpet in the desired place and allow to expand for sometimes. Make sure that the carpet lies at the center.

Step 3: Gentle Pressing –

After laying the mat, press firmly almost everywhere especially the corners to stick the back with the ground. In case of indoor usage, apply straightedge to push into the corners.

Step 4: Trimming & Swing –

This is mostly for indoor usage at which you may use a knife to cut off the excess portion. If the cut is made, stitching & swing will help you to attain a smooth periphery.

Final Thoughts

After immense research on different brands and their productions, our experts came up with these final recommendations. However, customer reviews along with the analysis end up in a unique and acceptable list of outdoor carpets. Therefore, no confusion with these ten arises.

You may find plenty of quality products on the market but our experts ensure that it is almost impossible to get a perfect match. All you have to do is scrolling down and going through the reviews. All the aforementioned ten are available at reasonable prices and it is indeed a good time to pick the best outdoor carpet for yourself.

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