10 Best Low Light Binoculars 2019 : Eye Strain Protective!

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Do you want to know what is a true night binocular? Well, we can safely assume that you know the answer!

A binocular is a pretty common device to all. As a matter of fact, a hunter would clearly want something which can offer a clear line of sight. As you have read the title of our discussion, you may have probably guessed our purpose.

We are not here to show you the usual.

We’re here to present to you the top-notch best binoculars for low light conditions currently available in the market.

So, what will you get to know?

As we begin, we will be giving you a simple yet to-the-point table to help you point out your option. As we progress, you will gradually get to know some good low light binoculars currently available.

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right in!

Comparison on 10 Best Low Light Binoculars




Objective Diameter


Aurosports 10×25 Folding High Powered Binoculars



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Bushnell Powerview Wide Angle Binocular



Check Price

Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars



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Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope



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Mini Binoculars for Adults and Kids



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SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Full-Size Binoculars for Adults



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Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars



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Nikon 7572 PROSTAFF 5 10X50 Binocular



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Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars

Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars



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Bushnell PermaFocus Wide Angle Porro Prism Binocular



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10 Best Low Light Binoculars in 2019 Reviews

1. Aurosports 10×25 Folding High Powered Binoculars

We feel that we should start off with the most popular low light binoculars for hunting. If you are a hunter, you should probably check them out for yourselves.

The Aurosports 10×25 folding binoculars come with all the necessary features you would want. First of all, the lightweight nature of the binoculars obviously makes it a decent choice for intermediate users, as well as the novices. The binoculars feature anti-slip grips, which allows for a much better usability.

Then you have the fully multi-coated waterproof lenses. The lenses provide excellent feedback. Also, because of the small, robust design, users can take full advantage of it as well. Also, the objective diameter is around 25mm, which is plenty for average consumer.

Apart from 362 ft/1000 yards field of view, the binoculars also provide a field angle of around 6.9 degrees. Moreover, having a set of twist eyecups with a BAK4 type prisms makes these pair of binoculars even more desirable. Furthermore, low-light night vision aspect of the binoculars will give you some advantage in low light conditions.

Because of the design execution and performance, we would like to recommend it for all levels of users. As the price range is well within reach, it can also be a nice gift item for your loved ones as well.


  • angle-double-rightFeatures a compact yet durable design
  • angle-double-rightEyecups are foldable, offering better storage options
  • angle-double-rightComes with fully multi-coated waterproof lenses
  • angle-double-rightFeatures 10x magnification with a 25mm objective lens, making it a nice choice for novice users


  • angle-double-rightComes with low-light night vision, which doesn’t offer a great deal of convenience
  • angle-double-rightFor professionals, something like this will probably not get the job done

2. Bushnell Powerview Wide Angle Binocular

What is a true night binocular? Is it something which can easily make distant objects clearer than the usual stuff? Or is there something more?

Our second entrant, the Bushnell PowerView binoculars are the pairs which can give you a lot more in case of performance. As a matter of fact, the affordability and overall features have placed it in our second spot.

At first, the binoculars feature a foldable design with non-slip rubber armor for better grip. Also, the build quality is solid and well-rounded. As a matter of fact, the conventional design aspect does make it a desirable choice for many.

The Porro prism system is another strong suit of these binoculars. The BK-7 prism glass, paired with InstaFocus offers a much clearer image. Moreover, 10 x magnifications with 20x magnification with the 50mm objective lens will obviously give you an upper hand.

Finally, these multi-coated lens binoculars will offer a much cleaner image than most other products out there. If you are a novice hunter and wish to become a pro someday, try and get your hands on one of these.


  • angle-double-rightFeatures a lightweight and compact design
  • angle-double-rightUses multi coated lenses with 1-touch InstaFocus for cleaner and sharper image
  • angle-double-rightFeatures the Porro prism system and offers good adaptability with tripods
  • angle-double-rightThe contemporary design offers a premium feel overall
  • angle-double-rightBushnell PowerView Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars


  • angle-double-rightHaving waterproofing would make it a lot more appealing
  • angle-double-rightThe focusing system needs work

3. Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

Occer is one of the well-known brands for having a reputation for building small and compact binoculars. Also, hunters can rely on their product because of the overall features and price range.

Keeping up with their reputation, they have come up with an offering for all types of users. Their 12×25 compact binoculars feature a stunning yet compact design. Also, the ruggedness is on point and the visibility is commendable.

The 12x magnification paired with a 25mm objective lens does offer a decent viewing experience. But if you are a hunter, then you would want your binoculars to be both compact and waterproof. In that case, these binoculars should probably be enough for you.

They feature a wide 273 ft / 1000 yards viewing angle for better imagery. Also, the BAK4 prism texture and FMC broadband coating pair nicely to offer a much diverse and immersive experience. Moreover, the eyecups are adjustable with 15mm eyepiece on each pair. So, the adjustability is there.

In short, these binoculars are a perfect choice for newbies as well as intermediate users. Having a low-light night vision binocular at this price range is never a bad choice, especially with something that offers such crisp imagery.


  • angle-double-rightThe binocular has a durable and compact ABS plastic shell
  • angle-double-rightLightweight design offers a good amount of usability and adjustability
  • angle-double-rightOffers clean and crisp images
  • angle-double-rightThese waterproof binoculars offer an acceptable amount of performance in low-light conditions


  • angle-double-rightThe carry strap needs some attention

4. Aurosports 30×60 Folding Binoculars Telescope

Coming in at number 4 we have another product from Aurosports. This one is by far the most compact design we have to feature in our review for the low light binoculars. As a matter of fact, these red lens binoculars have a lot to offer considering the pricing.

At such a small form factor, the vendors have certainly made a lot of effort to cram a lot of features. The design, as mentioned is as small as it can be. In spite of having such a minimal design, these binoculars feature fully-multicoated lenses for better usability.

These non-slip, foldable binoculars have 8x magnification with a 21mm objective lens. Also, you have a 7.2-degree field of view at 127M/1000M. These specs are nothing out of the ordinary. But if you wish to have crispy and detailed images, these small pocket binoculars will be of great help.

All in all, these binoculars are featured towards the average consumer. These low-light night vision enabled devices will the perfect companion for the folks who want to enjoy something like an energetic session of football. Other than that, they won’t really provide that extra wow factor the hunters want, yet falls among good low light binoculars.


  • angle-double-rightUltra-small and rugged metal interior construction
  • angle-double-rightWaterproof binoculars featuring low-light night vision
  • angle-double-rightIt has an acceptable field of view and magnification
  • angle-double-rightFeatures the BAK-4 prism textures, offering crisp and detailed images


  • angle-double-rightThe exterior design needs improvement

5. Mini Binoculars for Adults and Kids

These next pair of binoculars are also compact in nature. They are from a brand called Livebetter, which has come up with some respectable products in the recent years.

Is it any good?

From our point of view, you are obviously getting what you are paying for. In fact, the extravagant and small form factor design is obviously geared towards the average users.

The binoculars feature 8x magnification with a 21mm objective lens. These lightweight binoculars feature an FMC coated objective and ocular lenses, providing a certain amount of waterproofing. Also, the 131M/1000M wide field of view is more than enough from what you should expect at such a price range.

Then you have the BAK-4 prism texture, which offers a decent amount of sharpness and clarity. Also, the eye-pieces feature a multi-layered coating for the added functionality.

Finally, the overall design does indeed deserve some kudos. Because of the small form factor, having a significantly less weight is never an easy task. But the makers have certainly come up with a solid design, which also features anti-slip materials on the outer shell.

In short, a small and lightweight binocular is certainly an item for average users. So, if you are into the whole binocular viewing mob, then you are welcome to check them out.


  • angle-double-rightExtremely small and sturdy design
  • angle-double-rightThese lightweight binoculars offer a more than acceptable image quality
  • angle-double-rightFeatures low-light night vision with a fair amount of waterproofing
  • angle-double-rightAnti-skid design features premium BAK-4 prism textures


  • angle-double-rightThe aspect of being too reflective may be annoying for some users

6. SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Full-Size Binoculars for Adults

If you are looking for budget-oriented options to have a nice and crispy image viewing experience, then these pair of binoculars from SkyGenius should probably be enough for you.

From the design point of view, they have that contemporary look overall. The sleek design has a rubber outer finish to avoid accidental falls. Overall, the design is not exactly compact, but the looks and feel are premia.

When we are talking about the specs, you should probably not expect anything spectacular. But when we say that the binoculars have a 10x magnification with a 50mm objective lens, you may want to second guess your buying decision. Also, the multi-coated lenses offer less reflection and much crispier image, considering the price point.

Also, 367 ft/ 1000 yards wide viewing angles should probably be plenty for the average user. Moreover, this foldable pair of binoculars offers a decent amount adjustability as well. So, for a daytime user, there should probably be no problem.

In the end, our recommendation would be to check out this pair if you are into hunting and sightseeing. Be mindful though. Because this pair is much more usable in daytime conditions.


  • angle-double-rightThe pair has a durable and contemporary design
  • angle-double-rightMulti-coated lenses offer crisp images
  • angle-double-rightImage distortion is noticeably low
  • angle-double-rightEasy adjustability offers a smooth experience


  • angle-double-rightNot really suitable for glass wearers
  • angle-double-rightEye relief may be an issue for some users

7. Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Finally, it is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Most of our readers, who are into binoculars may have heard the name of this brand. Also, some may already be familiar with their reputation.

Well, you are not wrong.

Vortex optics is one of the most prominent binocular makers in the market. In fact, every penny is worth the investment if you are planning to go with this brand.

We will not be explaining any boring details. But we would rather show you what the makers have to offer.

The Viper optics have a wide range of selections. But all of their product feature HD image quality, all thanks to their multicoated premium lens design.

The dielectric, multilayer prism coatings offer crispier images, which are extremely competitive with the existing high-end brands. Moreover, they offer premium anti-reflective coatings, offering minimum levels of image distortion.

The binocular body is rubber-wrapped with an Armourtek coating, making it one of the most premium looking and rugged feeling binoculars on the market. Moreover, the multi-position eyecups have a significant amount of adjustability.

Finally, note that we have a comparison model which comes with 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens. But if you are an enthusiast who wants no compromise, then do have a look at the other existing models as well.


  • angle-double-rightRugged and slip-proof design
  • angle-double-rightWater and fog proof, ready for any adventure
  • angle-double-rightPremium lenses with a premium multi-layer coating
  • angle-double-rightuperior adaptability


  • angle-double-rightThe eyecup cover needs improvement

8. Nikon 7572 PROSTAFF 5 10X50 Binocular

Our 8th contender for the best binocular is from Nikon. The Nikon 7572 is one of the top contenders currently available in the market.

Why is that?

First of all, the design, in short, is elegant and futuristic. It is particularly effective if you are looking for something to use outdoors. Also, the rugged nature makes it even more appealing to hunters.

These water and fog proof binoculars also offer a significant amount of eye relief, which is often absent in many premium models. Also, the 10x magnification paired with the 50mm objective lens offers smooth and vibrant images.

Again, the fully multi-coated lenses come with turn-and-slide, multi-click rubber eyecups, which is considered a premium feature by many. Also, it is probably worth mentioning that the glasses are lead and arsenic free, which is a contribution to the preservation of nature by the manufacturers.

In short, these binoculars offer a premium feel overall. So, you may want to check them out for an in-depth look. Remember, making the right choice will make or break your day!


  • angle-double-rightFeatures a rugged body with a smooth design
  • angle-double-rightWaterproof and fog proof binoculars
  • angle-double-rightViewing angles are decent
  • angle-double-rightProvides a significant amount of flexibility and adjustability


  • angle-double-rightUsability could be more satisfactory

9. Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars

Vortex Optics Vulture HD Binoculars

We are here with another Vortex binocular!

The Vortex Vr-156 are for those bird watchers out there who don’t want any compromises. Moreover, the fact that the question ‘what is a true night binocular’ needs a clarification, which will probably be solved after you’ve gone through the review.

Bird watchers need to be agile at all times, even when there is pretty low light. So, these elegant and stylish binoculars offer that exact same thing. The 10x zoom paired with a 56mm objective lens is a dynamic combination for low-light usability.

The multi-coated optics in these binoculars also come with phase-corrected roof prisms and proprietary XR coating, offering sharp images with minimal reflections and disturbances. The viewing angles are also decent, coming at around 320 ft / 1000 yards.

Apart from the waterproof feature, the binoculars also feature Armourtek lens coating which allows for a fair amount of scratch and dust resistance. Also, the argon-filled binoculars are well-suited to use in foggy conditions.


  • angle-double-rightOffers a scratch-resistant design
  • angle-double-rightFog and waterproofing are adequate
  • angle-double-rightImages are sharper and crisper
  • angle-double-rightLow-light performance is commendable


  • angle-double-rightIt is a bit on the heavier side

10. Bushnell PermaFocus Wide Angle Porro Prism Binocular

Our final product up for review is from Bushnell. These products are obviously worthy of trust if you are willing to go for something that honors your spending.

There are a few notable features with this design. First of all, these binoculars feature a rugged, no-slip design allowing the user to make the most out of the product. As with one of the previous models we discussed, the design, from our point of view, is contemporary in nature.

Another trait of the binoculars which is notable is the ‘Focus-free’ feature. This feature allows the user to view distant object at almost any distance. It is one of the key selling points of this binocular. But do keep in mind that the close-focus limit is dependent on the user.

Finally, the overall usability is more than enough for the average user. Our unit features 10x magnification with a 55mm objective lens. But the higher end models will cost more. So, the choice of freedom is also present there.


  • angle-double-rightShock absorbent design with no-slip technology
  • angle-double-rightOffers a smooth and crispy experience
  • angle-double-rightLow-light usability is decent
  • angle-double-rightSuitable for sporting events to take advantage of the ‘Focus-free’ feature


  • angle-double-rightThe weight is an obvious issue here

Binocular Buying Guide:

We know we have asked this question many times:

What is a true night binocular?

We can surely assume that most buyers think the same thing when they are shopping for a binocular. In fact, finding the right product is often a hassle.

So, how do you solve this obvious problem?

In order to find the right product, you must be able to pinpoint your needs. Doing so will eliminate a lot of unnecessary options.

To save you the trouble of all the thinking, we have come up with some effective tips. They will help will along the way of your decision making.

  • Always make a budget before going out for shopping. The rule of thumb is simple. Less money, fewer choices. Planning on a budget will certainly eliminate a lot of unusual and unwanted options. Be mindful of that.
  • The next thing that comes to mind is personal preference. It means what type of a user are you? Are you someone who likes to watch birds? Or are you someone who wants to hunt at night?
  • Find out the answers to this question. The answers will help you lean towards the right choice.
  • Knowing the meaning of the related numbers will certainly make your job a lot easier. For instance, if you come across 10×55, it typically means that the binocular has a 10x magnification and has an objective lens which is 55mm in diameter.
  • For the sake of clarification, magnification means how much the subject is close to you. In other words, how much magnification can the binocular handle? Also, the objective lens diameter is an effective measure if how much light can enter the chamber for effective visibility.
  • Make sure to check what accessories are included in the package. For premium models, there are a fair number of included accessories. But lower end models tend to cheap out on these. So, make sure to check your options.
  • Checking the field-of-view is another important thing. Generally, high caliber binoculars tend to have a low field-of-view. This option typically depends on the user’s preference.
  • Prism types are an important factor as well. In general, BAK-4 prisms offer the crispest images. But Roof and Porro prism systems also offer a fair amount of detail. Check with the respected brands to have some more information.
  • Coated lenses are less susceptible to damage and offer a fair amount of image detail in most cases. Enthusiasts typically go for fully multi-coated lenses. But there are three other levels of coating, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Eye relief is also an important factor to take into consideration. The term, in general, means how much distance is there between your eyes and the binocular lens to produce a full field-of-view. Extended eye relief will result in less eye fatigue. So, make sure to check this factor for good measure.

These are some of the general rules that you should be mindful of. Also, it is always wise to do some research yourself before heading out to the store.

Final Thought

For the sake of clarity, let’s go again!

What is a true night binocular?

As we have reached the climax of our review, we should probably give you the answer.

It depends on your choice!

So, far we have gone through a good number of products for your consideration. Also, we showed you some points to consider for making the most out of your purchase. We hope this article on the best low light binoculars review can make you choose and understand binoculars easily. We tried to gatherup all the best rated low light binoculars on a single list.

What are we getting at?

Our primary point of focus for this review was to introduce the best low light binoculars for the money. Also, we wanted to encourage you to make the final decision yourself. It is only logical that you buy something you can use with ease.

Now that the answer is clear to you, we would like to bid you good luck on your journey. Hope you find success and make the right choice!

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