10 Best Hammock Tarps Reviews : Buying Guide for 2019

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Hammock camping is really a lot of fun. But when it comes to choosing a tarp, getting the best for you is entirely dependent on how well you can choose the right one according to your own preference. For instance, there are those that want full coverage and those that want partial coverage.

But here’s the thing.

As much as there’s no definite wrong or right answer but, the at the end of the day, the best hammock tarp should be capable of protecting you from weather elements and be durable at the same time.

We’ll be taking a look at 11 of the best picks in 2019 as well as a detailed guide and by the time we’re through, you’ll be guaranteed to get a kick for your buck.

Let’s get to it then. Here’s a comparison chart to get you started.

10 Best hammock tarps comparison chart

Don’t want to go through the hassle of reading all the way to the end? We’ve got you covered- do have a quick look at the best hammock tarp 2019 buying guide right down below. There’s no way you could possibly go wrong after having a look at the list below







10′ X 10′

Waterproof Polyurethane-treated ripstop nylon Fabric

Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent Rain Fly – Cover for Camping

10′ X 20′

100% Waterproof Polyester

pys Hammock Bug Net - 12' Hammock Mosquito Net Fits All Camping Hammocks

Hammock Bug Net Hammock Mosquito Net

12′ x 4.4′

SUPERFINE 100% Mesh No-See-Um netting

FREE SOLDIER Lightweight Waterproof Tarp Sunshade Tent

10.5′ x 9.83′

100% Nylon, PU waterproof coating, wear-resistant fabric

UG NET Stops Mosquitos, No See Ums & Repels Insects


11′ x 4.25′

Superfine 950 square inch No-See-Um Bug netting

Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent Rain Fly

10′ X 20′

100% Waterproof Polyester

Serac 1 Hammock and Tent Tarp Ultralight Hammock

Serac 1 Hammock and Tent Tarp Ultralight Hammock

12’ x 6’5”

100% waterproof ripstop nylon

Foxelli Rain Fly - Lightweight Portable Waterproof 12' Rain Tarp Shelter

Foxelli Rain Fly – Portable Waterproof Lightweight Rain Tarp

9.2′ x 11.8′

Water resistant polyester

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

10’6″ x 5′

100% Parachute nylon

Pro Venture WATERPROOF HAMMOCK RAIN FLY - Portable Large Rain Tar


12’ x 9’

Polyurethane-treated ripstop nylon 210D

10 Best hammock tarps in 2019 reviews

Now here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Moving on to the main agenda, let’s have a look at the detailed reviews

1. Chill Gorilla 12×12 Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp

Chill Gorilla 12x12 Hammock Rain Fly Tent

From the design to its performance, this tarp will definitely be worth every penny. It’s definitely going to give you enough coverage and protection.

Here’s why it’s the best hammock tarp for you:

Extreme weather protection

Starting with the most important of all, this tarp is made of polyurethane-treated ripstop nylon which in turn gives you long-lasting protection.

Also, the square shape with multiple connection points will be giving you the ultimate rain fly. It also features a design that decreases condensation and virtually keeps it from flapping when the wind blows

Lightweight and portable

It has got multiple tie-down loops as well as grommets for anchor points. It also does come with a rainproof gear sack which makes it convenient to have in your trips- definitely the best hammock tarp for backpacking.

A swallowtail design

This design features catenary curved edges that function to increase airflow hence reduce condensation, decrease the weight slightly and eliminates flapping in the wind.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s lightweight hence suitable for backpacking
  • angle-double-rightComes with a rainproof gear sack for convenience while taking out on a trip
  • angle-double-rightBoth windproof and waterproof


  • angle-double-rightIt lets in a little bit of water when saturated

2. Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent Rain Fly – Cover for Camping

Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent

This bear butt rain fly is very easy to set up, ultralight, available in multiple colors and it’s just as functional as it is well-designed. Let’s have a closer look at it.

It’s ultralight

With the tarp being lightweight and weighing slightly over one pound, you can easily have it in your backpack, car or your carry-on bags in a plane for long journeys.

It’s definitely one of the best ultralight hammock tarps

Completely reliable for weatherproofing

For the actual performance, it’s just as good for use in rainy weather as it is when the sun is high up. Being made of waterproof polyester fabric, it functions to keep you dry when the rain is pouring and give you the best shade when the sun is high up

Doesn’t need a hammock stand to set up

Being perfect for a quick, spur-of-the-moment setup, you won’t be needing any hammock stand to set it up. Regardless of where you are, it’s not going to let you down

Easy to set up

All you’ve got to do to have it up is simply swing the fly up over the hammock and secure it to trees or posts. You no longer have to be worried about having to deal with messy straps.


They’ve got reflective tracers for easy visibility in any condition


  • angle-double-rightDurable polyester construction
  • angle-double-rightEasy to set up and compact sized for portability
  • angle-double-rightIt only weighs over a pound hence convenient for the outdoors.


  • angle-double-rightThe storage sack is tiny and takes a while to put it back in it.

3. Hammock Bug Net Hammock Mosquito Net

pys Hammock Bug Net - 12' Hammock Mosquito Net Fits All Camping Hammocks

Looking for something that’ll protect you against any bugs? This 12’ hammock tarp is definitely what you need and here’s why:

Complete security from bugs

By being able to keep out all the bugs and mosquitos, you’ll have a long and sound sleep. This bug is made out of 100% superfine mesh. It’s going to give you a 360-degree protection and coverage and since it’s breathable, you’ll be perfectly ventilated.

Lightweight, portable and backpacker approved

Weighing only 21.5 ounces, this bug net will easily fit into the stuff sack that comes along with it. you’ll be able to carry it along with everything else you need for your camping

Two hanging way for easy setup

Despite the fact that its one of the largest in the market, it’s amazingly easy to set up. There’s only one ridge line with which you can use to hang the tarp on tree straps with hooks or tie it to a tree with ridgelines.


  • angle-double-rightUses SUPERFINE 100% mesh for utmost protection from bugs
  • angle-double-rightLightweight and easily portable
  • angle-double-rightComes with 1 ridge line and is a two hang-way tarp.


  • angle-double-rightYou have to cinch the ends tight enough to close it up completely

4. FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp

Just as the name suggests, this hammock tarp is definitely going to give you a bang for your buck. Let’s find out whether it’s good enough.

Compact and portable design

Starting with the design, it’s really compact and portable. It does come with a rain proofing stuff sac that is lightweight. You can fold it away simply and conveniently fit it in your backpack or carry it on your trips.

Despite the fact that it measures 126 x 118 inches, it weighs only 2.6 pounds which is fairly light for its size

Adequate and reliable protection

As for the protection, it’s large enough to accommodate two people at a time. It also keeps you away from the wind, rain, sunshine, leaves or the sunshine as it is made out of 100% nylon that’s super strong and has PU waterproof coating and a wear resistant fabric for all weather protection.

Easy to set up

Setting it up is also quite easy as it has a simple construction which allows the tent to be pitched in many different configurations


  • angle-double-rightAdequate protection and large in size
  • angle-double-rightEasy to set up in place and large enough to accommodate two people
  • angle-double-rightCompact, portable and lightweight


  • angle-double-rightThe seal tapes at the center points on both ends is a little weak

5. Chill Gorilla 11′ Bug NET Stops Mosquitos

UG NET Stops Mosquitos, No See Ums & Repels Insects

Yet another one to take care of any bugs, this 11’ bug net from CHILL GORILLA will not let you down whatsoever. Have a look at how much it’s got:

Compact lightweight and durable

Starting with the construction, this hammock bug net weighs only 21 ounces. It is also able to fit into its compact 4×5 stuff sack with utmost ease.

It Is also backpack approved and convenient to take anywhere with you whenever you want to.

Large in size for complete coverage

By being able to fit hammocks that are 9 to 14 feet long, it’s SUPER-FINE NO-SEE-UM-NETTING will give you 360-degree protection from bugs hence giving you peace of mind regardless of your style of camping.

User-friendly construction

The construction, as already mentioned, is a super-fine netting but that’s not all. It has got a smooth and dependable sturdy vertical zipper which offers smooth and easy access. There is also the quick cinch ends that secure the hammock and also one stringer with speed clips for a fast and easy setup.


  • angle-double-right360-degree super-fine no-see-up-netting for utmost protection
  • angle-double-rightLightweight, compact and backpacker approved.
  • angle-double-rightLarger than most in size for complete protection


  • angle-double-rightThe vertical zipper makes it a little hard to get into the hammock

6. Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent Rain Fly

Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent Rain Fly

Now if you’re looking for something that’ll give you the best backpacking experience, this is definitely what you ought to go for.

It’s ultralight

With weight being one of the key considerations when selecting a tarp for your hammock, this tarp cover comes weighing just over one pound. This makes it possible to carry anywhere and even better, it’s ideal for backpacking.

Ideal weather protection

As for the functionality, it Is made of waterproof polyester fabric which not only keeps you dry during rainstorms but it also functions quite well in keeping you completely dry when the sun is high up.

Thee are also two metal stakes that you can use to secure it easily

Easy to set up

It is really compact and ideal for either camping and backpacking. All you need to do to have it in place I simply swing the fly over the hammock and secure it to some trees or posts most preferably to where you have your hammock secured too


  • angle-double-rightEasy to set up as it doesn’t need any hammock stand.
  • angle-double-rightLightweight- weighs only over a pound.
  • angle-double-rightRain and sunshine protection or utmost comfort.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s difficult to pack it up in the long and narrow stuff sack.

7. Serac Ultralight Hammock Rain Fly and Shelter

Serac Ultralight Hammock Rain Fly and Shelter

Now here’s all you need to have the best time of your life- an easy setup, durable construction, and the best performance. The Serac 1 Hammock and Tent Tarp sure has it all.

It boasts a durable nylon construction.

Starting with the most important of all, this hammock tarp comes with a 100% waterproof ripstop nylon construction. This, unlike other materials like cheap polyester, is bound to last for long.

It is also bound to keep the rain off your hammock hence can be relied upon as an ultralight camping shelter. It also weighs only 25oz and measures 12’ x 6’5”

Complete coverage

The design ensures that you get a tight pitch every time you set it up hence keeping you completely warm and dry. It also does have 6 anchor points which give you more coverage than a rectangular or a diamond tarp

All in one easy setup

What sets this apart from the rest is that you can be able to have it up without even trying a single knot. You can also be able to get a perfect tension with the quick adjustment line-lock fasteners hence giving you the perfect shelter all the time.


  • angle-double-right6 anchor points hence complete coverage
  • angle-double-rightComes with a lot of accessories included out of the package
  • angle-double-rightDesigned from 100% waterproof ripstop nylon


  • angle-double-rightMight take a while to find your way to set it up

8. Foxelli Rain Fly – Portable Waterproof Lightweight Rain Tarp

Foxelli Rain Fly - Lightweight Portable Waterproof 12' Rain Tarp Shelter

The Foxelli hammock tarps are best known for their quality. We chose this Foxelli hammock tarp review almost at the end of our review list to provide you with something valuable for staying with us till here.

Utmost versatility

Not only this is one of the best hammock camping tarp, but it is also ideal to use for a number of activities from covering your outdoor kitchen to using it for beach activities, picnics, and family gatherings.

Setting it up is also amazingly simple since it comes along with a full kit that gives you everything you need to have it up- long metal corner loops, aluminum alloy stakes and a convenient carry bag.

Portable and light for utmost convenience

For the weight, the whole kit weighs only 18.2 ounces inclusive of all the ropes and stakes in the kit. It’s fairly lightweight nature makes it much less trouble to carry as it will fit in a small bag quite well which makes it one of the best ultralight hammock tarps you could get

Weather protection

It’s totally reliable for snow, rain and sun protection. This tarp is made from solid and lightweight premium quality ripstop nylon water-resistant polyester material.


  • angle-double-rightDurable rip-stop polyester construction
  • angle-double-rightUltralight and portable- weighs only 18.2 ounces
  • angle-double-rightEasy to set up and includes all the set-up accessories.


  • angle-double-rightIt doesn’t come with set up instructions.

9. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Looking to get a kick for your buck? Well, this is definitely what you’re looking for. Here’s how much it’s got in store for you.

Convenience and multiple usages

It’s bound to be the best when relaxing during camping, during your travels or while taking a hike. You can use it as a hammock or alternatively flip it to utilize the net and have utmost protection from no-see-ums, mosquitos, and other biting bugs.

It is also a perfect alternative to a tent, a ground mat or a swing

Easy and quick to set up

With the high-quality nautical grade carabiners, a starter rope kit and a bug protection net suspension kit, you can safely and easily be able to set it up whenever You want to

High quality and durable design

For the design, the hammock is made from 100% parachute nylon that’s 70D and can endure the elements hence giving you utmost comfort at all times.

It is able to support as much as 400 lbs of weight as well and will suit most people perfectly


  • angle-double-rightMade from 100% 70D parachute nylon for durability
  • angle-double-rightIdeal for multiple usages from camping to relaxing while traveling
  • angle-double-rightIncludes a separate bug net to keep you protected and comfortable.


  • angle-double-rightThe straps are a bit short if you rely on big trees to tie it up


Pro Venture WATERPROOF HAMMOCK RAIN FLY - Portable Large Rain Tar

This proventure hammock is waterproof, large and boasts one of the best constructions. Here are all the reasons you ought to go with the Pro Venture hammock tarp:

A versatile hex design

This is way much better than a square or rectangular hanging tarp owing to the fact that it gives you maximum coverage for both your hammock and gear- as much as 23% larger area.

It also does have 6 tie-down loops ad 6 reinforced grommet points to aid in giving you a streamlined shape when set up. There’s also a 6-meter guy line with adjustable tensioners and 4 lightweight aluminum stakes- definitely the best hammock rain fly for your money.

Backpacker approved- lightweight, portable and reliable.

Weighing only 1.8 lbs and taking up only 10x 5 x 5 inches of your backpack space, it’s definitely going to be perfect for the outdoors.

Premium quality construction

For the construction, it is made from polyurethane treated diamond 210D ripstop Nylon which just so happens to be extra durable, tear resistant and puncture resistant. This gives you utmost protection from extreme weather elements- definitely the best hammock tarp.


  • angle-double-rightWeighs only 1.8lbs and measures 10x5x5 inches thus takes up little space.
  • angle-double-rightMade out of premium quality ripstop nylon for long-lasting performance
  • angle-double-rightIt’s 23% larger in size for utmost protection against weather elements.


  • angle-double-rightIt doesn’t have instructions included and maybe a little difficult to set it up.

Best hammock tarps and in-depth guide

Just as promised, here’s a buying guide that’s going to equip you with all the knowledge you need and will definitely complement the 11 hammock tarps listed above quite well.

Here’s what you should consider:

The tarp material- what to pay attention to.

When durability is a priority, it would be best if you choose to settle for a hammock tarp that observes a balance between weight and durability.

Basically, as we’ll see later on in our guide, the high-quality tarps will be heavier and vice versa in most cases. Depending on where you’ll be doing your hammock camping, you should weigh your options between going for a heavier and durable tarp or one that’s light and compromised a little bit on the durability.

The shape and aesthetics

Just as they do come in different sizes, so do they come in different shapes. There are some that have an irregular shape but have got all it takes to give you the best hammock camping experience.

But, if the shape is a priority, here are some you could choose from:

A hexagonal tarp

These have become one of the most preferred kinds of hammock camping tarps due to the fact that they have a wide surface area hence a reliable coverage against most weather elements.

As compared to square and rectangular hammock tarps, they are also less bulky

Rectangular-shaped tarps

This has been around for the longest time and is bound to give you most coverage. The downside to this design is that they’re heavy and bulky and can be quite a hassle to set up

Square-shaped tarps

These come in a variety of sizes. If you get the right size, you could just have the best hammock tarp for backpacking as they’ll save on a lot of weight. Larger ones, on the other hand, will give you protection against weather elements but you’ll have to deal with the weight that comes along with them

Diamond-shaped tarps

These are also known as asymmetrical tarps. They’re mainly meant to go with asymmetrical hammocks. They can also be an alternative to the square tarps for lightweight backpacking but the downside to getting them is that they’ll sometimes be a hassle to put together.

The weight of your tarp

Whereas you may be limited by what to go for if say you want the best ultralight hammock tarp for backpacking, it’s not the same case if you want one for a kayak or car camping. At the end of the day, what determines how heavy a tarp you’ll have is the material used in its design

Silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon/SLI-nylon: if you want something that’ll not burden you with too much weight but is, at the same time fairly durable, this is what you should go for

Ripstop Nylon: of all the materials you could get for your hammock tarp, this is the heaviest option to go for if you’re a backpacker but on the other hand, if the sacrifice is worth it, you should definitely give it a try.

Cuben Fiber tarps: being the lightest of all the options we’ve already looked at, it should be chosen if you won’t be facing any weather extremities as it is not the most durable option

How to set up a hammock tarps

Setting up a hammock tarp is quite simple and straightforward provided you have even the most basic equipment which should be your cord.

First, determine the appropriate height of your hammock. Different shapes other than the conventional square and rectangular-shaped tarps will require a little more effort.

Center the tarp over your hammock and then tie cords where necessary regarding the shape of your hammock

When hanging up the hammock, you should make a loop of each cord around a secure anchor point with one cod running underneath the other than make a second loop around the same anchor point. Do this for all the cords.

Have the knots fairly tight and you’ll be through

Final verdict

I’m sure that getting a hammock tarp is quite easy now, right? There’s no way you could go wrong considering you have both the buying guide and the product listing.

Here’s my recommendation

The Pro Venture WATERPROOF HAMMOCK RAIN FLY – Portable Large Rain Tarp definitely has it all. It’s larger in size than most, weighs only 1.8 lbs and it’s made from 210D ripstop nylon that is extra durable, tear and puncture-resistant.

I’ve done most of the hard work and all that’s left is for you to have a clear picture of what you desire in mind then pick out the best that’s going to fit your personal preferences.

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