Best Daypack for Travel in 2019 : Top 10 Reviews & Comprehensive Guide

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What if I told you that you can get a whole new experience in your outdoors by having a really good travel bag? Yes, that’s right! Think of how much fun it would be to just have the best daypack for travel.

Well, let’s cut to the chase…

The reason we’re here today is to let you in on the secret to getting the best daypack that’ll eliminate the confusion in choosing one and you also get to choose from some of the best in 2019. No matter where you’re at, these daypacks are bound to give you the best time ever.

First, here is a comparison chart to get you started…

10 Best Daypack for Travel Comparison for 2019

Though we do recommend that you read all the way to the end, below is a comparison chart in order of significance that’s just equally as good as our individual product reviews. There’s no chance you’d be disappointed by these choices.



Dimensions (inches)

Weight (ounces)


Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking Backpack Daypack

9 x 2.2 x 8.5


 Check Price

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

11.8 x 16.5 x 7.1


 Check Price

20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack

11.8 x 16.5 x 7.1


 Check Price

HIKPRO 20L – The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack

12 x 5.5 x 18


Check Price


AOTIAN Mini Nylon Women Backpacks Casual Lightweight

9.4 x 12 x 3.9


Check Price


Saddleback Leather Thin Front Pocket Backpack

17 x 12 x 7.2

9.48 pounds

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G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

13.4 x 7.8 x 22.8


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Venture Pal Large Hiking Backpack

4.7 x 3.9 x 7.9


 Check Price

Venture Pal Packable Lightweight Backpack

3.5 x 3.2 x 6.5


 Check Price

JanSport Hatchet Backpack

21 x 16 x 5

1 pounds

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The 10 best daypacks for travel

In a while, you’ll be having all the answers to getting the daypack you’ve always dream of. Whether you’re exploring the city or out for a hike, you’ll definitely get your pick.

1. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

What really makes it special? Well, the aesthetics, of course, are unrivaled by most day packs but in addition to this, the performance will blow your mind.

Top of the line construction

Being made of wear and tear resistant material, it is going to give you extra strength as well as a long-lasting performance. Even with the high-quality construction, it’s got a 35-liter capacity and more so, only 0.7LB

The zipper is made out of heavy duty 2-way zipper and on major stress points, there are back-tacks to improve its longevity.

Enough room for utmost convenience

Ideal for both a week’s journey and a day’s trip, the 35-liter capacity in the main compartment ought to be enough. The main compartment does have a separator that helps you organize your stuff further.

There are 2 front pockets best suited for holding small accessories that you may need to access quickly. The two side pockets, on the other hand, are best suited for umbrellas or water bottles

Perfect for any outdoors

It’s just as good for a day’s hike just as it is for a week’s journey as it has a lot of space. It has breathable mesh shoulder straps that are adjustable with a lot of padding to relieve shoulder stress and there’s a chest buckle for stability and comfort


  • angle-double-rightAn outstanding 35-liter capacity.
  • angle-double-rightIt’s foldable hence easy to store
  • angle-double-rightThe chest and shoulder straps are amazingly comfortable


  • angle-double-rightThe water resistance wears off after some time

2. ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Water Resistant Hiking Daypack

What makes this stand out from the rest is the fact that you’ll barely feel it’s weight but at the same time, it has an unmatchable build quality and 20-liter construction

But that’s not all:

Easily foldable

You could fold it up and store it away among your other luggage and if you, unfortunately, happen to have overweight luggage at the airport, simply unfold it and use it as a carry on for the excess baggage- quite convenient, isn’t it?

Multipurpose usage

Super durable and ultra-light hence usable anywhere from school to camping and shopping. This backpack is bound to fit any outdoor activities

High quality fabric

The fabric quality is simply incomparable to any other. It’s made with high quality water and tear resistant nylon. The zipper is abrasion resistant SBS metal zipper.

The daypack is also coated with a waterproofing material and reinforced on more than 31 places with Bartack process.


  • angle-double-rightConvenient storage space and lightweight
  • angle-double-rightHigh quality nylon construction and zippers
  • angle-double-rightEasily foldable when needed to minimize the storage space.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s rainproof only for light rain

3. 20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Well, there’s more to this daypack than a wide assortment of colors. But what’s really striking about it is the ratio of it’s overall size to the number of compartments you’ll be getting. It’s got a lot of storage space and much more

Water resistance & utmost durability

Being one of the few backpacks that have a water resistance feature that really works, this is bound to be suitable for all weathers definitely the best waterproof backpack for travel.

The nylon fabric is also rip and water-resistant and as for the zippers, there are the durable 2-way zippers that are abrasion resistant SBS metal.

All these working together will give you the perfect backpack

A compact design

It can be folded into the zippered inner pocket to fit almost anywhere you want it to. This makes it easy and quite convenient for any trip

Lightweight design with a lot of storage options

It weighs only .46/.5 pounds and has as much as 20/33 liters depending on how much you intend to pack


  • angle-double-rightFoldable into the zippered inner pocket for easy storage.
  • angle-double-rightQuality material and zipper construction.
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got lots of compartments to hold all your accessories.


  • angle-double-rightThe straps are difficult to adjust for them to lay perfectly on the shoulders.

4. HIKPRO 20L – The Most Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack

With this company having an experience of more than 20 years in the making of backpacks, there’s no way you could definitely go wrong with this one and here’s why:

Comfortable and easy to carry

For the shoulder straps, you’ll be getting wide and breathable and adjustable mesh straps. These will not press on your shoulders uncomfortably and in addition to this, it’s easy to adjust the length to just the way you like it.

A lot of storage options

There’s a 3-zippered compartment and the main pocket is large enough for you to carry what you need. For easy and quick access, there’s the outermost pocket and with the inner zippered pocket with a storage pouch, it’s easy to keep your valuables such as money or credit cards.

With the two large mesh side pockets, it’s easy to store your umbrella or water bottles.

It’s built to last

For the construction, it comes with a high quality and tear-resistant nylon fabric. The zippers, on the other hand, are made of abrasion resistant ABS material with a bartack reinforcement in more than 14 places


  • angle-double-rightIt easily folds up for easy portability
  • angle-double-rightA lot of pockets included keeping everything organized
  • angle-double-rightWeighs only 7.5oz and has a capacity of as much as 20 liters


  • angle-double-rightThe material, though soft, is not padded.

5. AOTIAN Mini Nylon Women Backpacks Casual Lightweight

From its name alone, you can tell that this travel daypack has a little extra spice added to it- it’s exclusively meant for the ladies. It’s lightweight, designed to last and usable for any outdoor activities. This is just but a tip of the iceberg, however, here are the details.

It’s small in size yet reliable

Measuring 9.4 x 12 x 4 inches for the length, height and width but even within such a small size, you’ll be able to have your tablet, iPad, your pair of sunglasses, a water bottle snacks and even your makeup and other essentials

Top of the line build quality

Besides it’s easy to carry design, the material used for the outside is high-quality nylon and the lining is strong and sturdy polyester.

It is also eco-friendly, odor-free and it’s got a really incredible color which makes it the best travel daypack for woman


  • angle-double-rightIt’s small, lightweight yet good enough for a daypack if you want to travel light
  • angle-double-rightOutstanding nylon and polyester construction
  • angle-double-rightIt’s eco-friendly and odor and suitable for any outdoors


  • angle-double-rightThe material, though soft, is not padded

6. Saddleback Leather Thin Front Pocket Backpack

Now here’s a unique design that you definitely won’t come across that easily- a leather daypack. It’s obviously durable but other than this, there’s plenty more that it’s got for you. Let’s have a closer look

High-quality materials

Being leather, it’s going to hold up quite well than most daypacks. The leather used in the construction of this backpack is the full grain leather which is rugged and probably the most expensive you’ll get.

Even after a long time using it, it’ll still serve you as good as it did on the very first day you unpacked it.

The thread used in the stitching is thin grade polyester and it has got copper rivets for ultimate durability. The pieces of leather used are few to minimize any weak points or seams and it’s also lined with a tough and soft pigskin lining.

There’s more

The polyester thread used is marine grade and it’s, therefore, UV and saltwater resistant

It’s lightweight and roomy

Being a thinner and lighter design, you’ll hardly feel the weight on your back. When it comes to the storage, this design features 3 roomy outside pockets and there’s a space behind the pockets to quickly access your cell phone and other accessories.

The inner pocket is also large enough for larger items such as your laptop and your camera.


  • angle-double-rightMade from rugged, full-grain cow leather
  • angle-double-rightThe lower back section is padded with neoprene and it’s got adjustable shoulder straps
  • angle-double-rightThinner and lighter for utmost comfort.


  • angle-double-rightIt’s not really the best choice if you’re looking pack heavy.

7. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

If you’re looking to pack heavy and go for a few days’ trip, this 40-liter capacity daypack is definitely going to do you justice. But is there more to it than just enough room for all your accessories? Let’s find out.

Lightweight and comfortable

Despite the fact that it’s got as much as 40 liters of storage space, it weighs only 12.7 ounces. As for the shoulder straps, these are padded for extra comfort and it also has got chest clips that tighten the backpack against your body thus securing it and making it more comfortable.

When not in use, this daypack can be folded up into a self-containing unit to give you a compact handheld carry bag

Secure storage and ample space

Picking off from our previous point, the chest clip is backed up with a secure double stitch sided pouch for the main compartment that also offers additional storage. There’s also drawstring lock on the large top loading pouch.

The exterior front of the backpack has an open spandex pouch for quick access to larger items and on each side is a sports bottle pocket with its own strap for your water bottle.

There are also 4 strings on the middle and at the bottom for additional gear.

Both durable and comfortable.

The shoulder straps are padded and breathable for comfort and it is made from high quality and tear resistant nylon


  • angle-double-rightFoldable design hence easily stored
  • angle-double-rightA 40-liter capacity for utmost convenience.
  • angle-double-rightDurable construction- it’s water and tear resistant


  • angle-double-rightThough the fabric is durable and lightweight, the sewing is compromised

8. Venture Pal Large Hiking Backpack

It’s lightweight, durable, amazingly comfortable and clearly the best daypack for travel. Below is a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

Thickened scratch and tear resistant nylon

For the construction, you’ll be getting a thick and scratch-resistant nylon. In addition to this, you’ll also be getting numerous double bar-tacks reinforcement.

The metal zippers are also durable two-way SBS zippers and they’re metallic

It’s comfortable and breathable

Weighing only 0.8lb, the weight of the backpack itself will not be a problem but to add onto the comfort, the shoulder straps have a breathable mesh to help relieve the stress on your shoulder when you carry the backpack for a long time


Being possibly the best lightweight daypack for travel you could get for the money, it can be used in any application from jogging to climbing.

It also does have an outstanding 50-liter capacity and when it’s not in use, it can be folded up to an easy-to-carry pouch


  • angle-double-rightLightweight and carries up to 50 liters
  • angle-double-rightFoldable in an easy-to-carry pouch when not in use
  • angle-double-rightMade of thickened wear and tear resistant nylon fabric


  • angle-double-rightIt’s got single stitches and a few zigzags hence you’ll need to be really careful as you use it

9. Venture Pal Packable Lightweight Backpack

Yet another one from Venture pal is smaller in size but what’s really interesting about this travel daypack is that for its size, you’ll be able to pack in quite a lot inside it. here’s what it’s all about.

Large and reliable storage space.

You’ll be getting 25 liters of storage with this travel pack but even so, you’ll be able to fit quite a lot inside it. there is one main compartment with two spacious sections that hold your laptop and clothes and functions quite well in keeping your travel gear organized.

There’s also the two outer zipped pockets that are really awesome for quick access to smaller items such as your camera and phone


Starting with the shoulder straps, there’s plenty of breathable padding that keeps you cool and dry at all times. They also function perfectly in relieving stress on your shoulders and the fact that it weighs only 8.8oz saves you a lot of stress while you have it on

Durable construction

As for the build quality, it’s made of high-quality tear and water-resistant material hence giving you a long-lasting durability against any activities.

It’s also got heavy duty 2-way SBS metal zippers across the backpack and their longevity is enhanced by bar-tacks on all the major stress points- clearly the best packable daypack


  • angle-double-rightIt’s water and tear resistant hence bound to last for long.
  • angle-double-right25-liters of storage with a lot of storage compartments
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got plenty of breathable padding for the shoulders to keep you cool and dry


  • angle-double-rightIt doesn’t have enough padding to carry really fragile items such as an iPad

10. JanSport Hatchet Backpack

If you want to get an outdoor influence with modern functionality all in one, then this is definitely the best urban daypack for you. Besides an outstanding design and build quality, here’s more of what it’s got for us:

A versatile design

It comes with a versatile sleeve that is designed to fit a 15-inch laptop or a 3L hydration system. In addition to this, it does have a deluxe organizer pocket and there are dual side water bottle pockets to keep you hydrated on a full day outside.

It also does come with an internal zippered mesh compartment as well as an internal mesh pocket. There’s no way you could possibly go wrong with this 28L daypack

Comfortable shoulder straps

Besides the roomy design, it’s the best daypack for travel as far as keeping you comfortable is concerned.

The shoulder straps are fully padded and the same goes for the back panel. There’s also the adjustable sternum strap to keep you both comfortable and stable; at the same time, the bag will be secured

There’s more:

It’s also a water resistant and you can rely on it whenever you’re outdoors.


  • angle-double-rightFully padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • angle-double-rightComes with an outstanding 28L of storage space
  • angle-double-rightThere’s an adjustable sternum strap for security and stability


  • angle-double-rightThe top handle is a little weak

An insider buying guide to travel like a pro

We’re all about giving you a whole new experience in your travels and since you’ll be having them occasionally, it’s best if you get to have the best time of your life. Here’s a guide to getting the best daypack for travel.

The size-what to look for

To what extent do you intend to pack your day pack? and do you need a foldable daypack? From my experience, I’d recommend that you go for something that can be folded up when not in use and put into another bag/suitcase/pack.

Also pay attention to how much you’ll be having in your bag since whereas some can hold as much as 20 liters, others only have a 10-liter capacity. Still at that, what you carry in your daypack also matters. If you’ll be out on say a business trip, a well-padded daypack ought to do the trick.

The weight.

Picking off from our previous point, let’s find out where the weight comes in as far as selecting the perfect daypack is concerned.

As much as getting a large-sized daypack for travel is quite tempting, it’s of utmost importance to go for a large and light one at the same time which, truth be told, isn’t easy to find.

Some tips on how to go about on the size

If you’ll go for a heavier one, then the only way to ensure that you get a bang for your buck is to have it take in as much of your equipment as possible.

For the lightweight daypacks, most of them will be light even after you have stuffed your belongings inside them.

You could go for the ultralight option if you want to pack light. They’re made of really light fabric such as nylon and on the bright side, they can take in quite a lot

Security- the safer you are, the better off your day out will be

Nothing comes to the mind like the assurance of you having a daypack on and that all that’s inside it is completely secure.

What to look for in a secure daypack for the best time:

Go for a rugged construction as it won’t rip easily under heavy load or be torn easily.

Secondly, for all your critical accessories such as your car keys and mobile phone, the daypack should have a few interior pockets

There’s also the option of going for a lockable daypack which won’t be easy to open. The downside to this kind of pack is that it’ll be annoying if you’ll be using it frequently.

The build quality and comfort

You’ll be using it all day so you obviously would like it to be as comfortable as possible. Whereas chest straps give stability and support, a waist strap takes the weight off your shoulders hence depending on where you’ll be going, you should know which daypack suits you best.

A single strap daypack could be used as an alternative to the double-strapped one since it’s lighter and will be reliable

Benefits of using a travel daypack

We’ve seen what you should have a look at when shopping for the best. But, at the end of the day, why is a travel daypack important.

Here are all the reasons why getting one is really important:

A daypack is more secure than a typical backpack since its exclusively meant to be used for long periods of time.

With the best urban daypack, your items will be more secure and even as you mingle among large crowds, you’ll be totally free of any worries of losing anything.

The design of a travel daypack is quite comfortable. The padding is ideal to ensure you’ll not be fatigued regardless of how long you have it on.

How to pack for a long vacation

Knowing what to have in your daypack if you’re going for a long vacation can be a little tricky, right? Well, here’s everything you need to know about packing optimally.

You should first and most importantly consider where you’ll be spending most of your time. For example, there’s no way a daypack for hiking would serve best when free roaming.

The best daypack for travel should be large in size, probably no less than 50L of storage.

The fragile items should be in the innermost compartment which should also have a good padding. Most travel packs will have a divided main compartment. You should have your clothes on one of these and leave the other for dirty clothes.

Also, for small essentials such as keys and your mobile phone, have them in an inner compartment that ought to be secure. For what you’ll be using frequently such as your pen, you should have it in an easily accessible pocket.

Final verdict

In conclusion, I’d recommend that you invest in the best possible daypack you could get your hands on. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little bit more of your cash for a guarantee of the best time outdoors, would it? it’s, therefore, best if you settle for something that offers a life-long guarantee.

Here’s what I’d recommend for you…

For all-around usage, the Venture Pal Packable Lightweight Backpack Small Water Resistant Travel Hiking Daypack is the best. It’s got a lot of storage space and just as secure as it is durable

Not forgetting the obvious, utmost maintenance is mandatory for any daypack for travel to last long.

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