Best Cooler With Wheels Of 2019 : Top 10 Recommended Picks & Buyer’s Guide

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A cooler on wheels can make life easy when you are enjoying an outdoor party or relaxing at the beach.

Before you’re getting one you need to narrow down on two key features- whether it’s able to keep your food colder for longer and the ease of transportation from place to say.

Now here’s the thing:

As much as there are a lot of wheeled coolers to choose from in the market, getting one that suits your needs is no easy task. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to do a lot of looking first. Nonetheless, we’re obliged to make the process as simple as possible for you.

We’ve got a review of the top 10 best cooler in 2019 and a detailed buying guide with everything you got to know about choosing one.

Comparison on Best Cooler With Wheels




Special Feature


Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler

60 Quarts

Push button & locking telescopic handle,Durable wheels & reinforced tow handle

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler

50 Quarts

Telescoping handle & heavy-duty wheels

Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

16 Quarts

Telescoping handle & heavy-duty wheels,one-handed access

Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

28 Quarts

Push-button, locking, telescoping handle

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

60 Quarts

Push button & locking telescopic handle,Durable wheels & reinforced tow handle

Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

100 Quarts

Push-button, locking, telescoping handle

Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler

50 Quarts

Push button & locking ,telescopic handle,Durable wheels & reinforced tow handle

Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler

40 Quarts

Tow handle, Large molded side handles

Travel5.0 Deluxe Ripstop Beach Picnic Rolling Cooler With Wheels

Travel5.0 Deluxe Ripstop Beach Picnic Rolling Cooler

12 Quarts

Removable liner, top sandwich compartment, zippered front pocket

Clevr 80 Quart Qt Party Wagon Cooler

80 Quarts

In-built bottle opener and a cap catch tray

To save you the hassle of having to read all the way to the end, I’ve put together a comparison chart that is just as good as the reviews. Below are the best coolers with wheels you could get for your money ranked in order. You do deserve the best.

Best cooler with wheels in 2019 reviews

Today’s first section and probably what you’ve been waiting for is the top 10 reviews. Have a look at what we’ve got for you, it will definitely be worthwhile.

1. Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels

As always, we kick-start our reviews with something that’s bound to give you a little bit of everything. Here’s every reason why this Coleman cooler might just be the perfect choice for you.

Easy mobility

Starting with one of the most important features when selecting a wheeled cooler, you’ll be using a telescope handle on this one as well as durable wheels.

The two of these allow you to handle the load with utmost ease. In addition to having the adjustable handle, there’s also side handles that give you a better carrying control.

There’s more:

It also includes a hard plastic removable liner for carrying flexibility

Easy to clean up 

Cleaning it up shouldn’t be a problem since it has an easy to clean permanent and flexible soft PEVA liner. The liner is also treated with antimicrobials to prevent the formation of foam, mildew and any odor build up

Has got a large capacity

As far as the carrying capacity is concerned, it can hold as much as 42 cans. It also does have front zippered pockets as well as mesh pockets on the inside and at the top. There is also a lid bungee for optimal storage space.


  • angle-double-rightEasy to clean and germ-resistant liner
  • angle-double-rightHas got side handles for more carrying control
  • angle-double-rightIncludes a removable plastic liner for carrying flexibility


  • angle-double-rightIt doesn’t really keep the ice cold for very long

2Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler

Yet another one from Coleman is the Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler, 50 Quart. Here’s what makes it worthy of our reviews.

Heavy duty wheels and adjustable handle

For ease of movement, you’ll be getting a pull handle with which you’ll easily be able to pull the cooler on its heavy-duty wheels. I’ve got to say, even with the cooler filled to the brim, it’s definitely something you can rely on.

A 50-quart capacity

Yet another thing that makes this one of the best cooler with wheels is its large capacity, you can have as much as 50-quarts which should be able to accommodate about 84 cans. In addition to this, there are cup holders molded on the lid for easy access to your beverages.

It’s definitely the best camping cooler with wheels

An outstanding insulation

As for the performance, whether you want it for the beach, for a road trip or for camping, the fact that it has an insulated lid gives you as much as 5 full days of ice retention at temperatures greater than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Added to it is also a leak-resistant drain that allows you to empty excess water without tilting the cooler at all.


  • angle-double-rightComes with insulated lids and walls for as much as 5 days of storage
  • angle-double-rightHas got a telescoping handle and heavy-duty wheels for easy and reliable transport
  • angle-double-rightIncludes cup holders molded on the lid for easy access to beverages


  • angle-double-rightThe locking mechanism tends to give in when under heavy load

3Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

If you’re looking for something simple yet efficient, then this portable cooler from Coleman will definitely do you justice- here’s the best small cooler with wheels.

Durable construction

It is made out of polyethylene which renders it ideal for use in the toughest conditions. There’s no way it’s going to let you down.

Easy and reliable transport

For the transportation, it does have a handle to pull the cooler on it’s heavy-duty wheels which make movement in most terrain amazingly easy. There are also large molded side handles for comfortable lifting and carrying. It really is the best choice for tailgating parties or camping trips

A decent carrying capacity

Picking off from our previous point, it’s able to hold as much as 22 cans which are close to an entire soda case and has a 16-quart capacity


  • angle-double-rightDurable polyethylene construction
  • angle-double-rightA 16-quart maximum carrying capacity
  • angle-double-rightIncludes telescoping handles and wheels for easy mobility


  • angle-double-rightThe handle does not have a sure-locking mechanism, comes out of place at times

4. Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

A large carrying capacity, easy to use and a unique construction. There’s no way this cooler could possibly let you down and here are all the reasons why:

An elevated cooler design

For the construction, it does have an elevated cooler design. This greatly improves its cooling performance by minimizing contact with the ground and other hot surfaces it is placed on. That is why It’s among the best coolers with wheels.

Easy movement

For easy movement, it has got a telescope handle with a lockable mechanism. With this, you can easily pull the cooler on its soft and ride sports wheels.


There are molded side scoop handles which make it easy to carry at all times.

A 29-quart capacity

Suitable for holding as much as 37 cans or 12 20-ounce two-liter bottles while upright, it offers a level of versatility like no other. In a nutshell, its suitable for holding your beverages to whichever destination you’re going.


  • angle-double-rightAn elevated cooler design for an improved performance
  • angle-double-rightIt has a push button lockable handle with quality wheels for easy movement
  • angle-double-rightHas got a 29-quart capacity for utmost versatility


  • angle-double-rightThe lid shuts a little too tight hence hard to open at times

5. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

So far so good, I think you’ll agree to the fact that we’re doing great. Here’s all this 60-quart cooler from igloo packs under the hood.

An ultratherm insulated body

Being one of the most striking features on this cooler, you’ll be getting an outstanding insulation which is credited to the Ultratherm insulated body. This is able to keep your beverages and foodstuff cold for quite a long time hence giving you an enjoyable time outdoors.

Polyethylene construction

Considering it comes with a polyethylene construction, it sure is perfect for use even in rough environments such as a day out camping with your pals.

Has got a pull handle with quality wheels

For mobility, you’ll be getting a push button and locking handle with which you can pull the cooler. Speaking of pulling, It also does have durable wheels that make it easy to town in full capacity.

On either side, there are molded scoop handles for loading and unloading. Considering its maximum capacity is as large as 60 quarts, these will come in handy quite well


  • angle-double-rightAn ultratherm insulated body that keeps it cold for a long time
  • angle-double-rightDurable wheels and a reinforced handle for easy movement even when its full
  • angle-double-rightA 60-quart capacity for an awesome time outdoors


  • angle-double-rightThe lid pops off quite easily

6. Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels, Blue

If you’re planning to have some time out with your friends and want to pack really heavy, this 100-quart wheeled cooler is definitely bound to do you some justice.

Comes with the ThermOZONE insulation

This is something that you won’t easily get on most carriers and owing to the fact that it has this kind of insulation, there won’t be any CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs all of which deplete the Ozone. This qualifies it as environmentally friendly.

Still, at the insulation, it also boasts the Xtreme 5 technology that keeps the ice cool up to 5 days in temperatures of up to 32.22 degrees Celsius.

It’s got a lid with cup holders

The lid closes at the hinges hence it’s easy to shut it securely. In addition to this, there are 4 cup holders on its surface to keep your drinks when it’s closed.

It is worth pointing out that the lid also does accommodate 24-inch elastic cords.

Durable construction and easy to carry

For the design, it comes with a rustproof and leak-resistant channel for no-tilt draining. There’s also a two-way handle that makes it easy to carry.


  • angle-double-rightHas got the ThermOZONE insulation that’s safe for the ozone
  • angle-double-rightIncludes two-way handles for easy carrying
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got a rust proof and leak-resistant channel for no-tilt draining


  • angle-double-rightThe handles are flimsy when the cooler is loaded with a lot of weight

7. Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler

A huge carrying capacity, durable construction and so much more. Let’s take a look at why we’ve got this one on our top 10 list.

An easy to use pull handle with durable whels

Starting with the ease of mobility, this one, like all the other wheeled coolers in the Coleman brand has got a telescoping handle that is tall and easy to pull the cooler by even when fully loaded.

For the wheels, you’ll get an all-terrain pair of wheels that should be suitable for use regardless of where you’re using the cooler at.

A versatile and durable design

As for the design and build quality, it has an EZ-clean lid that wipes with the least effort hence gets you ready for your next time outdoors in a jiffy. The lid also comes with 2-inch deep cup holders that make it possible to hold your drinks without spilling them.

A 50-quart maximum capacity

Not only does it have a quality construction, you can be able to carry as much as 50 quarts in it. Whether you’re looking for the best beach cooler with wheels or one that is ideal for camping, this one does the job perfectly.


  • angle-double-rightThere’s a well-constructed telescoping handle and heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got built-in cup holders that are 2 inches deep to avoid spills
  • angle-double-rightAn outstanding 50-quart carrying capacity for utmost convenience


  • angle-double-rightIt’s a little heavy to move when fully loaded

8. Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler

We’re so close to being done with our review and if you haven’t found the ideal cooler for you, this one’s definitely going to be worth every penny

A tow handle and heavy-duty wheels

Starting with the mobility, this Coleman cooler has got both a tow handle as well as heavy-duty wheels which make transportation amazingly easy and reliable across almost any terrain.

But there’s more…

To make it easy to haul, it also does have large molded side handles for comfortable and controlled lifting.

High capacity hence complete reliability

With as much as 40 quarts for the maximum capacity, you can pretty much be able to have as much as 59 cans inside it. if you’re out to get a cooler box that is ideal for large gatherings, I’d really recommend that you check this one out

Includes cup holders for easy access to beverages.

With the 4 cup holders on the lid, you’ll easily be able to hold the beverages without spilling them on the lid surface


  • angle-double-rightIncludes a tow handle and heavy-duty wheels for controlled carrying
  • angle-double-rightIt’s got cup holders on the lid for easy access to beverages
  • angle-double-rightBoasts a 40-quart capacity hence utmost reliability


  • angle-double-rightThe handle design shifts most of the weight to the handle and you need a lot of strength to tow it

9. Travel5.0 Deluxe Ripstop Beach Picnic Rolling Cooler With Wheels

Travel5.0 Deluxe Ripstop Beach Picnic Rolling Cooler With Wheels

Now here’s a beach cooler with wheels that will definitely blow your mind. Here’s all you’ll get from the Travel5.0 Deluxe Ripstop Beach Picnic Rolling Cooler.

Includes a ripstop nylon with 1680D polyester

For the build quality, it has a 1680D polyester with ripstop lining. For outdoor usage, this cooler is definitely bound to last for long.

In addition to having a quality constriction, the cooler is also foam padded and the liner is removable for when you need to get it clean

A lock and pull handle with rubber roller skate wheels

To make it easy to move around with, it’s for a locking pull-up handle as well as rubber roller skate wheels. Both of these make it easy to tow on the beach

Has got pockets for additional storage

For the storage, you’ll be getting a top sandwich compartment, as well as an inside mesh pocket and a zippered front pocket. It should be enough to hold some of your beach equipment


  • angle-double-rightIncludes an easy pull up handle and rubber roller skate wheels
  • angle-double-rightHas got a lot of storage pockets for complete versatility
  • angle-double-rightIt is foam padded hence suitable for edibles


  • angle-double-rightThe top compartment might seem a little narrow for large sandwiches

10. Clevr 80 Quart Qt Party Wagon Cooler

Clevr 80 Quart Qt Party Wagon Cooler Rolling Cooler Ice Chest

Finally wrapping up our top 10 reviews, is one of the best 80-quart, all-terrain wagon cooler you’ll get for your money. Do have a closer look at it.

Durable construction

Starting with the most striking feature on this cooler wagon. It has got a durable outer iron and steel powder coated finish. As for the interior, you’ll be getting a lining of injection-foam-unitized polypropylene.

It also does have a solid steel base with a powder coated finish as well as a solid all-welded steel construction.

Utmost versatility

It does have 10” inflatable all-terrain wheels as well as a long handle for easy movement on most outdoor activities. In order to get complete portability, you can detach the cooler box separately from the base.

Has got a 20-gallon storage space

If you want to have the best time out with a bunch of friends or your family, then you should definitely go for this cooler. You can store as much as 70 cans or more than 50 bottles. With the polypropylene insulation, you will have your drinks ice cold all the time


  • angle-double-rightIt has a polypropylene construction for insulation and durability
  • angle-double-rightHas got a durable iron and steel finish for the outer layer
  • angle-double-rightInflatable 10” wheels and a long handle for easy movement


  • angle-double-rightThe handle is too short for someone that’s really tall

Best cooler with wheels buyer’s guide

Even though you already do have 10 of the best in 2019 simply a click away, you’d have better odds of striking the perfect cooler with a detailed buying guide. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing one.

The cooler quantity/capacity

I’m pretty sure that this is the first thing that most look out for is the capacity of the cooler. When it comes to choosing one based on the quantity, here are two key things you should take into account.

  • First, there’s the matter of the amount of bulk you’ll have to deal with. The larger it is, the more tempted you’ll be to keep adding stuff inside and the overall bulk of the cooler will increase which makes it a little more difficult to pull even on wheels.
  • Secondly, my rule of thumb is quite simple. How much you can fit in and what you put in are kinda co-dependent. For instance, whereas hard sided coolers may be suitable for putting cooled, bottled beverages, soft-sided ones are ideal for foodstuffs such as sandwiches.

Where will you be using it?

In order to get the best cooler with wheels, you also need to take into account where you’ll be using the wheels or rather the terrain.

Think of your cooler as a car. In order to use it in areas with gravel, then it does need to have wheels that are going to withstand the abrasive terrain. On the other hand, for the best beach cooler with wheels, you should go wheels that have a large surface area

The performance of the cooler

When you think performance, the next question that should come to mind is whether or not it does offer the level of sustainability you desire.

It’s entirely a matter of personal choice in the sense that no matter how high priced it is, it really isn’t good enough if it’s not going to keep your foodstuff and beverages cool and fresh as long as you would like it to.

The build quality and design

Picking off from our previous point, you need to pay attention to the build quality and the overall design of the cooler. Here’s what you should look into:

  • The handle: for the handle on the best cooler with wheels, you ought to go for one that’s long enough for you to pull without any difficulties.
  • The sides on both the interior and the exterior of the cooler should also be paid close attention to. whereas the outer covering should be hard, the interior entirely depends on what you’ll be having in it. for foodstuffs, go for a soft and probably boil-sided cooler whereas for beverages, go for hard-sided ones

There’s more:

Still, at the design, you should consider whether there are any additional features. There are some coolers that come with a bottle opener for your beverages for instance. Others are able to keep the ice cool for a longer than average span of time.

But, for any additional features, you may desire, you are most probably bound to spend a little bit more on the cooler.

How to clean your Cooler

Regardless of how good a cooler it is, not keeping it in the best condition may compromise its performance. that being said, here’s the best way to keep your cooler clean

  • First of all, after you’re coming from the beach or a camping trip, you should empty out the cooler completely since any food left inside may rot really first hence causing molds.
  • The next thing would be cleaning it with dish soap as soon as you empty it out. Use a scrub brush to do the cleaning and then rinse away the soap with a lot of water.
  • Do the same for the outside on all the areas you’ve touched.
  • Next, clean the lid as well with soap and water especially on its outer surface since people tend to place food on it more often than not.
  • Finally, after you’re done cleaning and rinsing the cooler completely and it’s lid as well, the next thing you ought to do is sanitize it.
  • For the sanitation, you should use bleach and water. The recommended ratio ought to be 1tbsp for 1 quart of water. let it soak for a while then pour it out.
  • Finally, let it dry completely and most preferably out in the sun before you put it away.

Final verdict

You have the best of the best simply a click away and you’ve also got the buying guide to get you started on selecting what suits you best, right?

Well, nonetheless, here are my recommendations:

For an all-around performance, I’d recommend that you go with the Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner as it just has a balance on everything from the build quality to storage and ease of movement. If you’re after the best brand, I’d also recommend Coleman- no matter what you need, they’ve got you covered

Most importantly take your time by double checking the specs on each cooler and ensure that it will be worth every penny.

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