How Can You Prevent Skiing And Snowboarding Injury Using Snowboard Helmets

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Skiing and snowboarding are one of the most popular sports activities for children and young. But accidents related with these activities can be serious. To prevent accidents the necessity of wearing a helmet is significant.

A snowboard helmet reduces the chance of a head injury, wrist, and elbow, knee and ankle injury. It also supports wrist guard while snowboarding. The helmets protect our body parts. Skiing and snowboarding can be well maintained with helmets.

Have a look at the effective benefits of using helmets preventing skiing and snowboarding injuries:

Preventing Head Injuries

Head injury is one of the most dangerous injuries for any skier or snowboarder. A little bit carelessness can cause a great harm to the head damage or brain damage.

  • Head injuries are very common in skiing and snowboarding. Snowboarders are very much sufferer to head injuries because of their boards.
  • Head injuries can have serious consequences for long-term brain damage or even death. To avoid head injury helmet should be used. The best way to give protection to our head is to wear a helmet.
  • Helmets reduce head injury significantly. It keeps us warm. It absorbs and spread out the shock wave of hard impact.
  • The most important thing about the helmet is it prevents us from surface injuries like a fractured skull. These kinds of injuries have been reduced up to 50% by using a helmet.

Thus, we can prevent head injuries by wearing helmets.

Preventing Ski Injuries

There are many ski injuries. By using helmet one can prevent ski injuries.

  • Ski injuries can be severe. It can cause a fracture of the bones. It can also fracture the ligament.
  • Ski injury can give a lot of pressure on the knee point and sometimes tear the ligament. So, to prevent ski injuries helmet use must be compulsory.
  • However, helmets are able to stop the sharp object and absorb a lot of impacts. Helmets are designed in a technological way to make more effective against concussion. By wearing a helmet the skills have been improved.

Preventing Snowboard injuries

Many countries are promoting and encouraging the use of helmets. Accidents are frequently occurring. In other countries it is compulsory for example in Austria, it is obligatory for children to use helmet under 16 for skiing and snowboarding.

  • Snowboard injuries are mainly two types- they are an upper wrist injury and Ankle injury.
  • Wrist injuries are common for a snowboarder. Wrist fracture can cause severe damage for a long time if it is not treated properly. A helmet can prevent snowboard injuries.
  • Ankle injuries are also common for a snowboarder. Jumping and falling can twist the ankle.

Preventing wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries

There are many other injuries a skier and a snowboarder can have. We have discussed in this section:

  • A skier and snowboarder can have wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.
  • A harsh landing can cause damage on arm and cause a sprained or dislocated elbow and shoulder injuries.
  • Patients with injuries were asked questions about their injuries. A number of 43,000 people who had a serious accident were interviewed; most of them had head injuries.
  • Wrist and elbow injuries are avoided by using many types of helmet.

So, by using helmet we can also prevent other injuries. We can protect our body parts from severe injuries by wearing helmets.

Preventing neck injury

  • Helmets are effective at preventing neck injury. It is studied that helmet decrease the risk of neck injury.
  • The skier and snowboarder who wear a helmet are more cautious. The researcher found that the ski helmet tests don’t need to be effective against changes in high speed.
  • Ski helmet manufacturers are creating a new model of helmet designed to reduce impact. It has a low fractional layer inside the helmet to prevent hits. It is a good idea to wear a helmet on the slopes.
  • Helmet users take less risk than those who don’t wear helmets. Still, many people are not wearing helmets. There are a lot of common excuses for not wearing helmets- they are not very cool, too heavy etc. That’s the reason why the number of head injuries has not reduced.
  • A helmet can give a sense of confidence.


So, we can say undoubtedly by using helmets we can prevent severe injuries like head injury, neck injury and many other serious accidents. We should take lessons to improve our skills and by using proper equipment especially helmets we can always reduce the risk of injury. Hope this information about the effectiveness of helmets will help you prevent injuries and safely enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

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